How to choose a Notify.Events plan?

Notify.Events offers 5 subscription plans 1 of which is free.

The main differences between the plans are in the number of messages included, the cost of messages in excess of this number, the size of allowed attachments, and the type of customer support. Any plan allows you to create an unlimited number of channels and add an unlimited number of sources and subscribers to them.

The cost of plans and additional options may vary depending on the payer's country and exchange rate.

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Which plan to choose?

In order to choose the plan that suits you best, it is important to understand how many notifications from all sources in total you receive, and, accordingly, how many messages will be sent to your Notify.Events channels each month.

Notify.Events subscription plans

Free Basic Plan

Includes 300 messages per month and Community support. The maximum allowable attachment size is 5 MiB and the cost of messages in excess of the plan is 6 times higher than on the most expensive plan. Suitable for getting to know the service and understanding how many messages you need.

Individual Plan

Includes 1,500 messages per month and standard support. The maximum allowable attachment size is higher here and reaches 20 MiB. This plan is designed for personal use by 1 or 2 subscribers. Suitable for those who have the minimum number of notifications.

Team Plan

Includes 8000 messages per month and standard support. The maximum attachment size is also 20 MiB. Ideal for small work teams of 3-5 people, agencies and families.

Notify.Events offers Open Source (FLOSS / FOSS) projects the opportunity to use the Team plan for free. Find out how.

Company Plan

Includes 60,000 messages per month and premium support. Attachments of maximum 20 MiB are allowed. The plan is suitable for large companies working with a variety of services in multitasking mode.

Enterprise Plan

Includes 600,000 messages per month and premium support. The maximum attachment size is 20 MiB as well.The rate with the highest volume of messages is designed for large corporations.

How to switch the plan?

If you did not choose a subscription plan before registration, then you were assigned a free Basic plan by default. To switch it to a plan with more messages, go to the Prices screen. Click the Switch button under the required plan and confirm the action.

Switching a Notify.Events plan

Do not forget to make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account to pay for the monthly rate.

Complete documentation

This was a short description of Notify.Events plans. To learn more about rates and plans, please check our "How we bill" in the Billing section.

Now that you have chosen a plan, you can set up the service and receive your first notification.