Discover the Best Notification Plugins for WordPress to Increase Your Store’s Performance

Are you looking for ways to improve your WordPress site performance and user engagement? One effective way to do this is by using notification plugins.

Such plugins functionality depends on the target audience. First, they may send notifications about new orders, comments, fulfilled payments, submitted forms and other important events on your site to your team. Second, they may deliver targeted notifications and social proof notifications or show some messages like discount offer, call to action, other users’ reviews and activity, etc. to your customers.

In this article, we will show the top notification plugins for WordPress to help you increase your site's performance, boost user engagement, and finally get more clicks and conversions.

  1. Notify.Events

  2. Notify.Events is a notification tool that delivers notifications from your WordPress site, including WooCommerce-based stores and contact forms, to your team members, managers, warehouse employees, and others. Each subscriber can choose from 50+ notification channels: popular messengers, push, SMS, voice. Sending according to the work schedule, notification type and priority is available. The plugin can help you not to miss applications and requests, respond faster and, ultimately, close more sales. Notify.Events has over 6,000 users and sends over 300,000 notifications per month.

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    Source - Notify.Events
  3. OneSignal

  4. OneSignal is a free notification plugin that allows you to send push notifications to your users on desktop and mobile devices. It is easy to set up and comes with a user-friendly interface. With OneSignal, you can send targeted notifications based on user behavior, location, and more. According to their website, OneSignal powers over 1 million websites and sends over 8 billion notifications per day.

    Source - OneSignal
  5. PushEngage

  6. PushEngage is another popular notification plugin for WordPress. It also sends push notifications to your users on desktop and mobile devices, as well as email notifications. PushEngage comes with advanced features such as segmentation, triggered notifications, and A/B testing. According to their website, PushEngage has over 10,000 customers and sends over 4 billion notifications per month.

    Source - PushEngage
  7. WP Notification Bar

  8. WP Notification Bar is a simple notification plugin that allows you to display a notification bar at the top or bottom of your site. You can use it to promote your latest blog post, offer a discount, or announce a new product launch. The plugin is easy to set up and comes with customization options such as color and font choices. WP Notification Bar has over 20,000 active installs in the WordPress plugin store.

  9. NotificationX

  10. NotificationX is a notification plugin that allows you to display social proof notifications on your site. These notifications show recent user activity such as purchases, sign-ups, and downloads. According to their website, NotificationX has helped businesses increase their conversion rates by up to 200%.

    Source - NotificationX
  11. Fomo

Fomo is one more notification plugin for social proof notifications. Fomo is designed to increase user trust and encourage them to take action on your site. According to their website, Fomo is used by 34,000+ websites.

Source - Fomo

Notification plugins are a great way to improve user experience, maximize interaction, and increase trust. By using the top notification plugins for WordPress mentioned in this article, you can take your WordPress site’s performance to the next level.

Margarita Ramsten | May 18, 2023 Share it: