Notification solution tailored to your business needs

Send notifications to your customers

Notify customers

Keep your customers informed about all important events, updates and changes. Remind them of a scheduled visit or redirect message flows from other related services.
Send notifications to your team members

Notify employees

Inform all or only certain team members. Create different notification streams for different departments, choose private messages or group chats, and distribute notifications by work schedule, priority and type of messages.

How Notify.Events can work for your company

Customized white label solution

Get a notification system built into your platform and integrated with your CRM and billing system. Minimal actions are required on your part.
Customized notification solution for your company

Unlimited number of subscribers

Connect as many subscribers as you need. Automate your business no matter what size it is.
Notify unlimited number of users

50+ ways to receive notifications

Let each subscriber choose the most convenient way to receive notifications: MS Teams, Slack, Telegram, SMS, voice calls, and much more. Or organize notifications to group chats.
Notifications via chatting apps, SMS, push and voice calls

Flexible message flow settings

Set message and spending limits for individual subscribers or groups. An independent notification flow is created for each of them.
Notification tool for your business, mobile alerts

Duty schedule and escalations

Distribute notifications among responsible team members by working time, priority and type of messages. Add additional recipients in case the message is not marked as read on time.
Notify employees according to work schedule

Reporting and analytics

Keep track of spending with account and individual subscriber reports. Stay up to date and adjust limits in time if needed.
Get notification reports

See How Notify.Events Works

Learn how Notify.Events works
We integrate with your platform

Leave a request for a custom solution and we will develop it for your business needs.

Notification service for business
You register subscribers in your system

Let your customers/team members know about the new functionality.

Notifications for your business
An individual channel is created for each subscriber

Set message and spending limits for subscriber's notification flows.

Notify customers via 50+ messengers
Subscribers choose a notification method

Wait for subscribers to choose a recipient tool(-s) from the list.

Business notifications
Subscribers start getting notifications

Enjoy having your customers/team members get notified and receive spending reports.


Business notification solutions

Smart Home / IoT / telecom providers

Satisfy Smart Home users’ need to timely receive information from smart devices and respond to significant events (e.g. a doorbell call, excess CO level in a room, etc.).
Notification service for Smart Home Integrators and Telecom Providers


Connect Notify.Events to your online store and CRM and get your employees notified about new orders, submitted contact forms, out-of-stock items and more.
Notification service for online stores and marketplaces

Health and beauty services

Remind clients of scheduled appointments, inform them of schedule changes or something else.
Notification service for medical institutions and beauty industry

Other small and medium business

Implement the functionality of information notifications in your business and solve business problems easier and faster.
Alerts for business: messengers, web push notifications, SMS, voice calls

Ready-made integrations

Use out-of-the-box integrations from the catalog to set up notifications from the services your customers or team members use.
Free notifications from services and apps

Try the service that will take care of your business notifications

Get started today to take notifications to the next level