Manage notifications efficiently

Get all notifications in one place

Combine messages from multiple services into thematic notification flows and simultaneously track events in all the services you use. Don’t waste time switching between different systems.
Notifications from all services in one place

Organize teamwork

Notify your colleagues. Manage projects, collaborate while building, testing and debugging a release, monitor the stability of the equipment and high-load systems.
Instant notifications for DevOps and IT teams

Choose from 50+ recipients

Receive notifications in a way that suits you and your team: private and group chats in MS Teams, Slack, Discord, Telegram; SMS; voice calls; and much more. Forget about awkward email alerts that often go unnoticed.
IT and DevOps alerts via Slack, Discord, Telegram, push, SMS (50+ ways)

Build duty schedules and escalations

Set up targeted notification of the required specialists. Distribute notifications among team members by working time, priority and type of messages, add emergency recipients.
Duty schedules and escalations with notifications

Reduce response time

React with lightning speed to accidents, system failures and other crucial issues. Get real-time notifications 24/7 in the most efficient way (e.g. via chatting apps during the day and via voice call at night).
Website down alerts, update alerts, uptime alerts, server down alerts in real-time

See How Notify.Events Works

Register a Notify.Events account

Sign up on the Notify.Events website.

Create a channel

Configure a notification feed (learn how in this Help article).

Connect source services

Select the desired source from the catalog and set everything up according to the instructions.

Add notification recipients

Choose your favorite communication tool(-s) from the list and set everything up according to the instructions.

Invite your team members

Use a dedicated link to let your colleagues subscribe to notifications.

Receive instant notifications!

That’s it! Now enjoy real-time notifications.


DevOps and IT Solutions


Get alerts from monitoring tools like Zabbix, Grafana, Uptimerobot, and Microsoft Azure. Immediately learn about your site availability and operation issues or server crashes and eliminate them ASAP.
Network monitoring alerts: Azure alerts, Pingdom alerts, Nagios alerts, Grafana alerts to Slack, Discord, Telegram

CI/CD and Version Control

Stay up to date with all the events that occur during a new project development and debugging. Receive notifications about build statuses, user-generated issues, and more from a variety of DevOps tools: Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub Actions, Travis-CI, etc.
DevOps alerts from to chatting apps like Jenkins and GitLab to Slack, Discord, Telegram


Use ready-made integrations or connect other tools via webhook or API.
IT  alert management tool

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