Manage notifications from your smart devices

Stay on top of important events

Never miss a single event in your house - a leak in the bathroom, suspicious movement at the entrance, a smoke alarm or anything else. With real-time notifications, you will be the first to know.
Get smart home notification to Android and iOS

Keep everyone informed

Subscribe the whole family to notifications via private messages or group chats. The service allows you to add additional subscribers and distribute notifications among them.
Get smart home app notification to Android and iOS

Choose from 50+ recipients

Receive notifications in a way that you like the most: Telegram, Viber, Discord, SMS, voice calls, and much more. Each subscriber can choose from the list of the recipients the one they use the most.
Get IoT device notification to mobile

Respond immediately

React with lightning speed to notifications that require a prompt response directly from the chat. Customizable action buttons can save you in an emergency.
Get actionable notifications from Home Assistant, HomeKit, etc.

See How Notify.Events Works

Register a Notify.Events account

Sign up on the Notify.Events website.

Create a channel

Configure a notification feed (learn how in this Help article).

Connect a home automation platform

Select the desired source from the catalog and set everything up according to the instructions.

Add notification recipients

Choose your favorite communication tool(-s) from the list and set everything up according to the instructions.

Invite your family members

Use a dedicated link to let your household subscribe to notifications.

Receive instant notifications!

That’s it! Now enjoy real-time notifications from your smart home devices.


Smart Home Solutions

Home Assistant

Connect one of the most popular smart home automation systems to Notify.Events and receive Home Assistant notifications to Telegram, Viber, etc., and even Home Assistant actionable notifications.
Home Assistant notification - Notify.Events

Homebridge (Apple HomeKit)

Set up notifications from Apple HomeKit devices and other smart devices using the Homebridge service and learn about incidents in the house as soon as possible.
HomeKit notification / Homebridge notification - Notify.Events


Add Notify.Events to the required node chains and receive alerts about performed actions to your smartphone, tablet or PC at the right time.
Node-RED notification - Notify.Events
Google Home notification / Nest alert - Notify.Events

Google Home / Nest

Find out in real time about what is happening in your smart home, equipped with Google Home and Nest appliances, getting quick notifications to your mobile.
MajorDoMo notification - Notify.Events


Be calm about your home and don't miss anything important: someone rings the doorbell or the lights go out (on schedule or not) - you will immediately receive a message from MajorDoMo to the chosen recipient service.
Domoticz notification - Notify.Events


Control smart lightning, switches, sensors and other smart home appliances connected to Domoticz with Notify.Events notifications.
OpenHAB notification - Notify.Events


Get notified via messaging apps, SMS or other tools as soon as the smart device performs or detects a new action and sends information about it to OpenHAB.

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