Domoticz v1

Domoticz is a smart home automation system that allows controlling various IoT devices and receiving input data from them. For example, smart bulbs, doorbells, various sensors and meters are supported.

The program runs in the background and has a web interface that works with various operating systems and automatically adapts to desktop and mobile. To expand the functionality, you can additionally use plugins.

Integration with Notify.Events allows you to receive real-time notifications about events taking place in your home or office. Choose how to receive notifications - by SMS, Telegram, Signal, Viber, Zoom and also 50+ messengers or in the form voice call. Customize sending to the desired subscriber depending on the level and priority of the event, day of the week and time of day. As soon as a smart device connected to Domoticz detects or makes a new event, you will receive a message on your phone and can quickly respond if necessary.

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