Google Home / Nest v1

Google Home and Nest are 2 lines of Smart Home devices united under the Google brand. Smoke detectors, smart speakers, smart thermostats, cameras, smart doorbells - all this and much more is available to users to connect to the Google Smart Home system. Many devices are equipped with Google Assistant, which makes operation even more convenient.

In addition, to control Google smart devices in one place, users can install Google Home App / Nest App for desktop or iOS / Android smartphones. Google Home works with over 5000 devices.

Google Home integration with Notify.Events allows you and your family to receive real-time notifications of events happening in your home. As soon as a Google Home or Google Nest smart device takes or detects a new action or event, Notify.Events will instantly send a notification to the recipient of your choice, after which you can quickly respond if necessary.

Choose how to receive notifications - via SMS, puah, as messages in Telegram, Signal, Zoom, and 40+ other messengers, or as voice calls. Set up sending to the desired family member depending on the level and priority of the event, day of the week and time of day.

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