Homebridge (HomeKit) v1

Homebridge is Node.js-based software that acts as a link (or bridge) between Apple HomeKit and other IoT devices. With 2000 plugins, the service enables users to integrate with thousands of popular smart home devices that are not natively supported by HomeKit.

Homebridge integration with Notify.Events allows you and your family to receive real-time notifications of events happening in your home. As soon as a smart device takes or fixes a new action and sends information about it to HomeBridge, Notify.Events will instantly send a notification to your device, after which you can quickly respond if necessary.

Choose how to receive notifications - via SMS, as messages in Telegram, Signal, Zoom, and 40+ other messengers, as push, or voice calls. Set up sending to the desired family member depending on the level and priority of the event, day of the week and time of day.

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