OpenCart v1

OpenCart is a free e-commerce platform focused on creating online stores and having its own plugin marketplace that allows you to implement almost any functionality.

The Notify.Events plugin allows you to optimize your OpenCart experience and stay up-to-date on your shop events. Set up sending instant notifications via SMS, messages in Slack, Telegram, Microsoft Teams, or 50+ other instant messengers, and even as a phone call. Distribute messages among your team members based on priority and working hours.


  • Customize message templates
    Create message templates using predefined variables. Each plugin has its own variables.

  • Format messages
    Save time. Use simple text formatting to highlight what's important to you.

  • Add subscribers
    Distribute messages to the right team members. No registration required.

  • Receive messages in a convenient way
    Give each team member a choice. Send notifications to direct messages or groups in instant messengers, set up SMS, voice calls, or push notifications.

  • Prioritize messages
    Focus on the essentials. Prioritize notifications.

  • Filter messages by working hours
    Receive notifications only during your business hours. Choose the hours and days of the week when you and your team will definitely be in touch.
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