AppBeat Monitoring v1

Monitor service health & availability with periodic ping checks.

AppCenter v1

Get notifications about Microsoft AppCenter events

E-Mail v1

Get notifications in your messenger just by sending email

Gitea v3

Get notifications about changes to your git repositories in Gitea.

Grafana v2

Get notifications about your server's (other objects) status from Grafana.

Host-Tracker v1

Connect Host-tracker event notifications in three simple steps.

Jenkins v1

Get notifications about Jenkins build statuses.

Microsoft Azure v1

Integrate Microsoft Azure notifications in just a few steps.

Nagios v1

Connect Nagios with Notify Events for quick integration and receiving notifications in a variety of messengers

PHP v1

Send notifications directly from your PHP project to your Notify.Events channels.

Pingdom v1

Monitor your site work with a various parameters through Pingdom and receive notifications from Notify.Events.

Python v1

Send notifications directly from your Python project to your Notify.Events channels.

Rancher v1

Get notifications from Rancher to monitor the status of your Kubernetes infrastructure.

Simple API v2

A simple way to send message using get/post http request.

TeamCity v2

Get notifications about TeamCity build statuses.

UptimeRobot v1

Receive notifications from UptimeRobot to quickly find out about your site problems.

Zabbix v2

Get notifications of problems, crashes and other events of your infrastructure from Zabbix.