Terms of Use

This terms (“Terms of Use”) is a legally binding agreement between User (you / your) and Notify.Events (we / us / our) that sets out the rules for using of the Notify.Events site and services. Notify.Events is provided by the administration, which is CELEBRO HR SERVICES LTD (Reg.No: ΗΕ 442128, Legal address: Karaoli & Dimitriou, 15, HILL GARDEN VILLAGE, HOUSE 19, Ormideia, 7530, Larnaca, Cyprus).

By accepting Terms of Use, you understand that it sets out the rules for your use of the Notify.Events (“Site” or “Service”) in any way and in any form within its declared functionality, including:

  • viewing the site;
  • completing special forms on the site;
  • use of the functionality of the Service.

This Terms of Use applies to all users of the site, regardless of whether they are registered in the Service or not. If you have not created a personal account in the Service, then these rules apply to you in the part not related to the use of the functionality of the Service.

By using any of the above options for using the service, you confirm that you have read Terms of Use in full before using the service. You also confirm that you accept Terms of Use in full without any exceptions and restrictions on your part and undertake to comply with them or stop using the service.

If you are the legal representative of a minor user, you automatically agree on your own behalf and on behalf of such a minor user to the Terms of Use. We do not assume responsibility for the compliance of the content of the Site with the technical features / capabilities of your device, the connection of the provider serving you.

If you do not agree with any term of this Terms of Use, you should stop using this site and its services.

Getting Started with the Service

To use our Service, you must meet the following criteria in the aggregate:

  • be fully capable, and in case of limited legal capacity, obtain the consent of legal representatives to use the Service and accept the Terms of Use;
  • not be limited in the right to access the Service and its Services on the basis of a court decision that has entered into force or in other cases provided for by applicable law.

In case of using of the Service is carried out by a legal entity on behalf of an individual representative, such User warrants that it has sufficient rights and powers to use the Service.

Providing information during registration

To create a personal account, you must provide the following information:

  • your name, as well as login,
  • e-mail,
  • region of residence.

After registration, you will receive an email with a link to confirm your registration.

Mailings from us

Further we can interact with you by sending messages to the email address you provide in registration form. You have the right to opt out of such mailings by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button in the email itself.

How to Use the Service

First of all, you agree to follow these rules when using the Service:

  • comply with all obligations assumed in connection with accession to Terms of Use;
  • provide reliable data about yourself to create a personal account;
  • in order to create a personal account, do not impersonate any other person or entity, do not provide any data of third parties (without obtaining their direct, prior and informed consent);
  • not provide access to your account to third parties (when granting access to third parties to your account, the User bears the risk of consequences arising in connection with this);
  • not take any action aimed at undermining the operation of the Service, including, but not limited to:
    • uploading viruses or malicious code,
    • taking actions that may lead to the disconnection of the Service, disruption of the normal operation of the Service or site.

The login and password are necessary and at the same time sufficient data for the User to access the personal account within the Service. Combination of login and password is confidential information.

One e-mail address and login can be used by only one person.

Features of using the Service

Features of using the Service depend on the plan you choose. We offer several plans, including both paid and free services. You can find their description and cost at the link: https://notify.events/pricing. The procedure for paying for paid services and plans is described in the section "Financial conditions" of Terms of Use.

Where to Start

The functional use of the service is usually mediated by the following actions:

  • creating a channel, and any user on any plan can create an unlimited number of channels;
  • adding mailing sources to the channel, and any user on any plan can add an unlimited number of such sources to the channel;
  • adding mailing list recipients (adding subscriptions), while the user can either connect independently or connect third parties to the mailing list (during this procedure third parties will not need to register in the Service).

Intellectual Property Rules

You have the right to use the Service within the limits and in the ways specified in Terms of Use throughout the world during the existence of the Service.

You must respect our intellectual property rights and the intellectual property rights of third parties when using the Service. Under no circumstances shall we be liable for your violation of the intellectual rights of third parties and the disputes and consequences arising from such violations.

Exclusive Right to the Service

The exclusive right to the Service belongs to us. The content of the Service is a protected result of intellectual activity and equivalent means of individualization. You are not entitled to use these elements except as part of the Service.

You may not derive or attempt to derive the source code of all or any part of Service, permit any third party to derive or attempt to derive such source code, or reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble Service or any part thereof.

You can not grant third parties the right to use the Service by accessing his personal account, transferring the login and password from his personal account.

Financial Conditions

In your personal account, you can choose any plan for using the Service, having previously read its description and conditions in your personal account or on the page of the site - https://notify.events/ru/wiki/your-account/billing/how-we-bill.

The message limit provided to you in the plan is only for all incoming messages from the sources you added to the channel. Thus, the number of subscribers does not in any way affect the price of the message.

Please note that the message fee is charged only if an outgoing message is generated for an incoming message. Thus, if an outgoing message was not generated from the set filters for an incoming message, then no fee is charged for such a message.

Charges may also apply in cases of using paid chat services such as SMS, voice calls, etc.

At the same time, as soon as you reach the set limit, an additional fee, provided by the plan, will be charged for each new notification. The cost for each plan is indicated on the Pricing page in the Out of plan line.

You will be charged until you change the plan to another one, with more notifications included, or until the plan is automatically renewed and the number of messages is restored.

Any paid plan provides for a monthly payment of its cost, which is made automatically by us by debiting funds from your balance.

Auto-renewal of subscription

All subscriptions are valid for 30 calendar days from the date of purchase. At the end of the subscription period, and also subject to the availability of the required amount of funds on your balance, the current subscription will be automatically renewed for the next 30 calendar days.

Automatic switching to the free plan

If at the end of the paid period there are not enough funds on your account to renew the subscription, you will be automatically switched to the free Basic plan and you will be able to continue using the system within the established limits.

Plan change

You can change your current subscription plan at any time by paying the full cost of the new one. The unspent balance of prepaid messages, as well as the validity period of an active subscription, are not compensated and expire at the moment of switching to a new plan.

Billing settings. Balance

The currency is determined automatically when registering an account, depending on your country. If you have any difficulties with payment, write to us on the contact email, specified below.

You can top up the balance in your personal account, for this you need to follow its instructions. The Add Funds button in the personal account allows you to top up the main balance. Each country and currency has its own minimum amount. Please note that the actual amount charged may differ slightly due to the currency conversion rate.

After selecting the amount, click on the Add Funds button. You will be redirected to the payment page. Here you will need to select a payment method, enter the required data (or perform another required action) and confirm the debiting. Security, as well as other conditions for using the payment aggregator, are beyond the scope of the Terms of Use and are governed by agreements with the relevant payment aggregators. You are solely responsible for any errors you make when paying for the plan. We are not responsible for losses and other adverse consequences that may arise for you and/or third parties in case of incorrect indication of payment details.

After successful payment processing, the balance reflected in the personal account, as well as in the history of operations.

Additional provisions and instructions

We also offer additional services, as well as referral and bonus programs. You can always familiarize yourself with their content and conditions at the link https://notify.events/ru/wiki/your-account/billing/how-we-bill. We always keep such pages of the site up to date, however, we reserve the right to change their content without special notice to users.

Service Access

Access to the Service, the website, the functionality of the Service is provided to you “as is”. We do not guarantee that the content of the site, its functionality and the Service itself will meet your needs, goals, expectations.

We have the right to change or modify the content of the service or site at any time without notifying you. We shall not be liable to you for such changes or modifications. We do not guarantee that the Service, the site and their functionality will be available to you constantly and uninterruptedly. You should be aware that the Service may experience problems with the software or other problems, the elimination of which may require a certain amount of time, and may also lead to incorrect operation of the Service.

Deleting Account

You have the right to stop using the Service at any time by deleting your personal account. To delete his personal account, the User just needs to go to the Personal Account Settings and follow their instructions.

In case of deleting the account, all data about the User and the content posted by him will be permanently deleted in the manner prescribed by our Privacy Policy. We do not assume responsibility for the deletion of such data, as well as for any harm, damage, loss or loss of profit caused to the User by such deletion.


We are not responsible for the impossibility of providing the Service for reasons beyond our control, namely, but not limited to: violation of the Internet, equipment or software by the User. In this case, the service is considered to be provided properly.


In other situations and under other circumstances not described here, the Parties shall be liable in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

Any conflict must be resolved through negotiations, and if it is impossible to reach an agreement, by sending a claim to our email address indicated below. The subject that received the claim is obliged to consider it and respond on the merits of the claim in writing within 10 (Ten) working days from the date of receipt of the claim.

If the conflict is not resolved through claim actions, the dispute will be referred to the court in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.


If for any reason or to any extent any provision of Terms of Use is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity shall in no way affect or render invalid or unenforceable the remaining provisions of Terms of Use, and the application of this provision shall be applied to the extent permitted by law.

Final provisions

The text of the Terms of Use may be supplemented, changed or revised. We will notify you of this by e-mail, left during registration in the service. We do not accept proposals from you regarding changes to Terms of Use.

Your continued use of the Service after changes or additions made to the text of Terms of Use are equated to your familiarization and acceptance of these changes without any material objections.

An integral part of Terms of Use is the Privacy Policy, as well as the pages of the sites and its components.

You confirm that you have read all the provisions of Terms of Use, are aware of the consequences of its acceptance, understand and accept them in full. Unless otherwise expressly stated in the provisions of Terms of Use, the laws of the Republic of Latvia shall apply to relations arising from these rules.

How You Can Contact Us

Karaoli & Dimitriou, 15, HILL GARDEN VILLAGE, HOUSE 19, Ormideia, 7530, Larnaca, Cyprus
Reg.No: ΗΕ 442128

Email address: support@notify.events