API Technologies in 2022 - What Surveys Reveal

2021 has been an important year for API development. If earlier this technology was used mainly in secure private networks and channels, now a huge number of organizations around the world are starting or have already implemented APIs in their business processes.

APIs now not only serve as the backbone of a company's internal apps but also help make systems and services available to customers and partners. In this way, they improve collaboration, provide flexibility by making DevOps tools more programmable, and as a result, reduce time to market for apps.

RapidAPI Survey

RapidAPI's third annual State of APIs 2021 survey showed significant growth in API dependency across the board, especially in partner-focused API development. The survey involved 2,200 developers from more than 130 countries. And here are the key results:

  • 74.4% of APIs are being built for internal use. However, compared to the previous year, 27.7% more developers began to create APIs for partners and 4.3% more - third-party APIs.
  • 26% more developers plan to use API in 2022. And 90.5% overall expect their API usage to stay roughly the same or increase.
  • 40.5% of organizations have monetized APIs in 2021, and this number will only grow in 2022.
  • In terms of popular use cases, in 2022, API technologies will be actively attracted to financial services, telecommunications, and technology companies. And the biggest growth will apply to healthcare, with 71% of healthcare respondents expecting to rely more on APIs this year.
  • 59.7% of developers adopt REST for their APIs in production, while 20.5% use SOAP, 14.7% use GraphQL.
  • 72% of developers use JavaScript to develop APIs. In 2022, an increase in interest in Python and TypeScript is predicted.

Neosec Survey

A recent survey by Neosec (a startup focused on improving API security) also proves that APIs now play an important role in almost every business. The company surveyed 300 senior executives from the US, Germany, France, and the UK. Let’s look at the highlights:

  • In 31% of companies, API-based programs are already in use, and in another 50% - under development.
  • 69% of respondents believe that minor improvements are needed in API technologies, and 19% said that global improvements are required.
  • Still, 86% of interviewees do not have a single platform for accessing available APIs.

With regard to the purpose of using  APIs, the answers were as follows:

  • 65% of companies want to improve collaboration with partners through APIs,
  • 60% - accelerate the process of releasing products and services by introducing API into the internal work of the company's development teams,
  • 53% - to develop their own products and services using third-party APIs,
  • 46% - to create APIs as products for use by external developers.

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