Tech News: Pyroscope Continuous Profiling Now in Grafana Labs

Grafana, a data visualization, monitoring and analysis platform, recently announced a collaboration with the continuous profiling service Pyroscope. The set of profiling tools that the system offers allows development teams and DevOps engineers to quickly find and fix performance issues in code, infrastructure, and CI/CD pipelines.

According to the Grafana team, this is exactly what their users need: “Continuous profiling offers developers a deeper view of resource usage of their code, helping them to understand their application performance and optimize their infrastructure spend. At Grafana Labs, we believe that the developer experience is essential for helping engineering teams build, maintain, and operate great software.” They even call continuous profiling “the fourth pillar of observability (after metrics, logs, and traces).”

In fact, Pyroscope is now acquired by Grafana. Very soon, the service will become one with the Grafana Phlare continuous monitoring database.

Grafana Phlare, launched last year, allows for the aggregation of continuous profiling data. At the same time, now, instead of embedding a profiler in the codebase, the system uses an agent model that regularly examines endpoints, creates snapshots of the entire computing infrastructure of the company and saves them in the database.

In conjunction with Pyroscope, it will become possible to compare profiles with metrics, logs and traces. This will help users better understand their app resources utilization, quickly work with emerging problems, and, ultimately, create software faster and better.

The new resource is called Grafana Pyroscop. At first, it will be integrated into the Grafana Labs dashboard, and in the future it will become available for Grafana Cloud.

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Margarita Ramsten | Apr 11, 2023 Share it: