Tech News: Azure Deployment Environments - New Microsoft Cloud Service

Microsoft has released a preview of Azure Deployment Environments. This new cloud solution "enables dev teams to quickly spin up app infrastructure with project-based templates to establish consistency and best practices while maximizing security, compliance, and cost-efficiency”.

The company announced the service at the end of May. Then everyone was invited to sign up on the waiting list for a demonstration of the work of Azure Deployment Environments. Now users can finally test it themselves. However, so far Azure talks only about the preview version.

How does Azure Deployment Environments work?

The main purpose of Azure Deployment Environments is to make it easier to set up and deploy environments. Deployment takes place in standard environment templates that are predefined during development. Both manual deployment on demand or sandbox deployment through the developer portal or CLI, as well as continuous automatic deployment (CI / CD) through pipelines are available.

All this allows customizing environments for specific projects or teams, relieves users of security and compliance concerns, and streamlines teamwork as a whole.

Azure Deployment Environments - scheme.png

For now, the service only supports Azure Resource Manager templates. But back in July, company representatives reported on the Azure developer community blog about plans to support such frameworks as Pulumi, Ansible and others.

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Who has access to Azure Deployment Environments?

The service is currently available in a limited list of countries. Developers and DevOps teams from Australia, Europe, Japan, the UK and the US can rejoice.

How much does Azure Deployment Environments cost?

The Azure Deployment Environments preview is free. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to use the service without paying at all. You still have to pay to use Azure resources such as compute, storage, and networking in environments deployed with Azure Deployment Environments.

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