Tech News: CircleCI macOS Executor Pals Up With M1 to Boost Speed

CircleCI, continuous integration and delivery platform (CI/CD), launched a new resource class for their macOS executor. Now it supports Apple Silicon M1. The company announced this on its Twitter and blog:

CicleCI macOS M1 anounce - Twitter.png

The CircleCI’ s macOS execution environment is used to test, build, and deploy macOS and iOS applications. The macOS executor provides access to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV simulators.

Platform’s first cloud-based M1 resource is to bring users up to 2 times more speed when building. In addition it is promised to improve end-to-end testing experience, including GPU tests. All this thanks to 8 CPU/12 GB RAM and built-in hardware acceleration to transfer tasks typically done by software running on the CPU to the GPU.

Now users having the Scale annual plan are already able to build with M1 in their pipelines. For this, they need to update to the dedicated configuration file on CircleCI.

Thanks to the update, your work with Apple code can now be much faster, more flexible, and more convenient. And if you want to improve your productivity and teamwork during building, testing, and debugging a release even more, there is a great solution.

The Notify.Events notification service helps get instant notifications from CI/CD and version control software and uptime monitoring tools to your smartphone. The service offers a ready-made out-of-the-box integration with CircleCI.

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Just set it all up once and receive real-time alerts about build results and other events to the channels convenient for you and your team. Easily get CircleCI Slack notifications, Circle CI Telegram alerts, notifications via Discord, push, SMS and more. Choose from 50+ recipients: messengers, push notification apps, SMS, and voice calls.

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The service offers a free plan. Plus, you will automatically get a 30-day free trial with 300 notifications and advanced features completely free (no bank card needed)!

Margarita Ramsten | Mar 16, 2023 Share it: