Get HomeKit Notifications to Your Smartphone | Video Instruction

Apple HomeKit is one of the services from which you can get notifications on your phone using Notify.Events. This means that, even though there is no way to natively send messages from HomeKit, you can set up your HomeKit smart appliances to deliver alerts to your favorite messaging app, or via SMS, push, and voice calls.

This applies to HomeKit camera notifications, HomeKit sensor notifications or any other HomeKit automation notifications.

To make it work, you will need Homebridge, software that acts as a link between Apple HomeKit and other IoT devices.

If you want to see everything with your own eyes, HomeKit blogger Shane Whatley just released a related video on his YouTube channel. Shane demonstrates how to set up Notify.Events and Homebridge step-by-step using the example of sending notifications about turned off background lights via SMS and email.

Just go ahead and check it out:

On the channel, Shane shares his experience of building a smart home with HomeKit. As an Apple’s smart appliances user, you will find a ton of helpful tips and instructions there. Just subscribe to the Shane Whatley channel and enjoy new videos every Sunday and live streams every Wednesday!

Margarita Ramsten | Aug 7, 2022 Share it: