How to Get Notifications from Apple HomeKit Devices? | Video Review

Do you know that Notify.Events allows getting notifications from Apple HomeKit devices?

Yes, since the service offers out-of-the-box integration with Homebridge which acts as a link (or bridge) between Apple HomeKit and other IoT devices. It means that you can easily receive real-time notifications from various smart home appliances on your smartphone (or other device) and track critical events in your home.

For example, get notified about a leak in the bathroom, high CO levels, or suspicious movement in the backyard on Viber, Discord, Slack, and 40+ other apps.

This week on the YouTube channel of the home automation blogger Eddie dSouza, a new video has been released with an overview of Notify.Events for Homebridge.

Eddie independently tested Notify.Event alerts from Homebridge and shared the experience on his blog. The video gives a detailed overview of Notify.Events, provides step-by-step instructions on services’ configurations, and even shows a demo.

But enough talk, just see it for yourself:

If you want to learn about designing, building and managing a smart home and Homebridge in particular, we definitely recommend subscribing to the Eddie dSuza channel!

Margarita Ramsten | Apr 30, 2022 Share it: