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Home Assistant is a free platform for home automation that helps manage your smart home system in one place. The service supports more than 2,000 smart devices from popular brands. Due to this, you can create an almost unlimited number of automations and set each connected device to perform its action on a predetermined command.

But there is still something to do after creating a smart home ecosystem and setting up the necessary scenarios. It is important to always stay aware of what is happening in the house. While Home Assistant has built-in notifications, they are not the best way to keep track of smart device messages and automation status alerts.

It is much more convenient to receive messages in the usual way on your phone, tablet or laptop. For example, in the form of push notifications. The Notify Events integration solves this task quickly and efficiently.

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Features of the Notify.Events Home Assistant integration

Notify.Events allows you to receive free instant notifications from various digital services, including Home Assistant and other home automation systems, on your mobile or PC in the most suitable way.

In real time, the tool collects all the event messages you define and sends them to the chosen recipient tool. You can receive Home Assistant iOS notifications, Home Assistant Android notifications, Home Assistant push notifications, Home Assistant alerts via Telegram, Slack, Skype, Discord, SMS and voice calls.

1 Notify.Events recipients.png

See the full list of 50+ recipients >>

You can set up sending notifications for each Home Assistant automation including the following:

  • Motion sensor triggered,
  • Pipe leak in the kitchen,
  • Video doorbell call,
  • Washing machine program completed.

If the original message contains an image, file, or link, you will receive them too. For example, you will immediately see a photo from a CCTV camera and will be able to quickly react – urgently call the police or relax.

2 Home Assistant Notify Telegram.png

Home Assistant push notifications

The Home Assistant + push bundle helps to keep track of all messages from the smart home in time and respond quickly if necessary. For example, when a faucet leaks or a sensor detects suspicious movement in the house.

You will not only receive short pop-up messages in real time, but you can also view the full text with links and attachments by going to the push notifications app.

Notify.Events offers several ways to receive push notifications for new Home Assistant events:

Setting up Home Assistant push notifications on Android and iOS

Step 1. Configure the Notify.Events integration

  1. Sign up or sign in to the Notify Events website.
  2. Create a new channel (notification feed) or select an existing one.
  3. 3 Notify.Events setup - create a channel .png
  4. Add Home Assistant to the channel via the Add Source button in the Sources section.
  5. 4 Notify.Events setup - add a source.png 5 Notify.Events setup - choose Home Assistant.png
  6. Copy the received token from the instruction. You will need it later.
  7. 6 Notify.Events setup - copy token for Home Assistant.png
  8. Add the recipient tool to the channel. Use the Subscribe button in the Recipients section.
7 Notify.Events setup - add a recipient.png 8 Notify.Events setup - choose recipient.png

Step 2: Set up a push notification service

The settings for each method of receiving push notifications are different. For example, the Notify.Events apps will ask you to specify the personal token issued to you; when connecting third-party push services, on the contrary, you will need to receive a token in the app and then enter it in Notify.Events, and to subscribe to web push, you just need to allow the notifications in the browser.

To be sure, just follow the instructions received at the stage of subscribing to a channel in Notify.Events.

Step 3. Configure the Home Assistant integration

  1. Login to your Home Assistant account and open the configuration.yaml file.
  2. Specify the token (received at the stage of adding Home Assistant as a source to your Notify.Events channel) in the appropriate place in the configuration file:
  3. 9 Home Assistant setup - token to configuration.yaml entry.png
  4. Add the following to the configuration file:
9 Home Assistant setup   - configuration.yaml entry.png

You can further customize the configuration variables and add additional attributes to extend the functionality. See full instructions on the Home Assistant website.

That’s it! Now, as soon as some event happens in your home or office, Home Assistant will send a notification to phone and you will instantly receive a push:

10 Home Assistant Push Notification.png

In the Notify.Events control panel, you can set different priorities and levels for events, configure sending by time, and add other methods of receiving. What’s more, you can add more subscribers in no time.

Subscribing family members to Home Assistant push notifications

Method 1. Telegram group chats

You can let your loved ones subscribe to Home Assistant push notifications using a dedicated link. It's completely free for you, plus subscribers don't have to create their own Notify.Events account.

  1. Go to the Channel subscription screen (Subscribe button in the Recipients section).
  2. 11 Notify.Events setup - add subscribers.png
  3. Copy the link from the address bar.
12 Notify.Events setup - link to subscribe.png

When your family members follow the link, they will be taken to the same Channel subscription screen and can set up notifications from Home Assistant to push (or other recipient) on their own.

The number of available subscribers varies depending on the plan. At the same time, their number does not affect the consumption of messages from the subscription, since only incoming messages are charged.

Read more about adding subscribers to the channel >>

Now you know how to set up free Home Assistant push notifications and will be the first to know about all incidents and updates in the house, wherever you are.

Still, Notify.Events is not limited to Telegram and allows you to choose the most convenient way for each user to receive notifications from 50+ options.

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