How to Subscribe Additional Recipients to Notify.Events Notifications?

Any Notify.Events plan allows adding an unlimited number of recipients to each channel (i.e. notification feed). Yes, absolutely unlimited. And yes, at no extra cost.

If you haven’t fully understood the terminology yet, then recipients include instant messengers, push notification services, SMS, and other tools to which you can set up sending messages via Notify.Events. See the Features page for a complete list. Now it contains more than 50 services, and we’re regularly adding new ones.

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But in addition to a personal subscription, you can allow colleagues, clients and / or family members to subscribe to the necessary types of notifications. This A) is also free, B) has no restrictions on the number of people or services, and C) does not require subscribers to register in the system.

How it works?

As we just found out, additional recipients don't need a Notify.Events account. To subscribe to notifications, it’s enough to just follow the special link that you share with them.

The link will take users to the Channel subscription screen. There, each subscriber will be able to independently choose a convenient channel for receiving notifications (one or more) - Viber, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Signal, SMS, or any other of the 50+ available.

1. Channel subscription screen.png

After selecting the desired service, the user will only have to follow all the instructions on the card to set it all up.

What about the messages in the subscription?

The number of subscribers does not consume messages from the subscription. The service charges only incoming messages coming from the connected sources. This means that no matter how many subscribers your channel has - 1 or 10 - when a new notification arrives, only 1 message will be deducted from your subscription plan. Still, all selected recipients will receive the notification.

But if the subscriber has chosen one of the paid recipients, then at the time of sending, the set amount will be debited from your account. This applies to SMS, voice calls and Line messages. The cards of such recipients are additionally marked with a credit card icon.

Read more about paid recipient types >>

Where to get the link?

To get a link that you can share with the right person, you first need to enable public subscription to the channel. This can be done immediately at the channel creation stage, or you can return to this later. All that is required is to put a tick in front of the inscription "Allow public subscription".

2. Allow public subscription.png

The checkbox is already checked by default. This means that if you have not changed this setting, you can safely move on.

  1. In the control panel, go to the desired channel screen. In the Recipients section, click the Subscribe button to go to the Channel subscription screen.
  2. 3. Subscribe to the channel.png
  3. Copy the link from the address bar.
  4. 4. Link to subscribe.png
  5. Share the link with the right people so that they, in turn, subscribe to your channel. That’s it!

Please note that the page should contain the following mark:

5. Note.png

If this line is not present, it means that the checkmark in the right place is still not worth it. In this case, do the following:

  1. Go to the Channels screen and click the Edit button next to the desired channel. On the Create screen that opens, check the box next to the required line and click Save. After that, return to the channel management screen and repeat the steps above.
  2. 6. Edit channels.png
  3. Now the inscription about the accessibility of the page via a direct link should appear, and you can copy the desired link and share it.
  4. Then it's up to the subscribers to follow your link, select the recipient service and follow all the steps specified in the instructions for setting up. To subscribe using another service, the subscriber needs to open the link again and repeat all the steps.
7. Recipient card.png

After the user successfully completes the setup, you will see the new subscription in the list of recipients on the channel and can manage it:

  • temporarily disable sending notifications to the recipient;
  • completely remove the recipient from the channel;
  • configure filtering by time, level and priority of messages;
  • set delayed sending.

Learn more about filtration >>

Learn more about delayed sending >>

8. New subscribers.png

Now you know how to invite colleagues, clients or family members and can distribute messages to the right recipients. To learn how to differentiate notification streams from multiple sources and direct them to different communication tools or different people, read this article.

Margarita Ramsten | Mar 24, 2022 Share it: