No Code Development - All You Need to Know About the New Hot Trend

Websites, online stores, programs, apps, software that each of us uses on a daily basis - all of this is based on code. And to write code you need a programmer, and sometimes even a whole team of developers.

But what if you are far from being a programmer, but you still desperately need to create a website or app? This is where No Code comes into play.

In this article:

What is no code?

In addition to being the title of Pearl Jam's fourth studio album, No Code is also a type of web development that makes it possible to create software using a visual development interface. To put it simply, this is website and app development without coding.

The trend of no code programming originated in the US more than 6 years ago and now continues to actively develop and gain momentum. The reason for its popularity is that it opens the door to the world of development for almost everyone - even those who are completely unfamiliar with programming languages. Now you don't have to be a programmer to create modern apps and websites from scratch.

More specifically, No Code takes the basics of the code and transforms them into simple drag-and-drop-based solutions. This way the no code developer can create modern apps and websites visually.

Low code and no code - what’s the difference?

The main difference between low code and no code (which, in fact, already follows from the name) is that the first type of development involves adding lines of code to perform relatively simple discrete tasks. Anyway, they can often be found and added from the ready-made code.

No code development, on the contrary, does not make the user interact with the code for a second, and the finished product (website, application) does not offer access to the source code or the possibility of modifying the code. Therefore, no code development provides less functionality and customization, instead offering tools for quickly organizing interface elements and content.

What are no code development platforms?

It is not hard to guess that a no code development platform (NCDP) is a programming platform that allows users to create no code web apps, no code software, and no code websites. As mentioned earlier in the article, such platforms use graphical user interfaces and configurations to allow creating complete apps by simply dragging and dropping elements.

The advantage of zero code platforms is that they significantly speed up the development process and do not require the participation of experienced programmers (or any programmers at all).

A vivid and clear example of no-code technology in the field of website creation is website builders. A user - business owner, marketer, freelancer who creates websites - can quickly build a website, blog or online store from scratch, using ready-made templates and individual elements (sliders with products, blocks with reviews, contact forms, etc.). Again, completely without coding.

By the way, we just recently made a selection of the 5 best online store builders. Be sure to read this article. As for no code application development, here you can apply to such services as Appy Pie, Bubble, Webflow, Microsoft Power Apps, and many others.

Who can benefit from no code?

No code is used by both programmers and non-programming users. From a business point of view, this type of programming is primarily of interest to startups and small companies operating online, due to the lack of a large amount of finance and time to build up. And in response to their requests, no-code offers a number of benefits:

  • Time savings. Development of apps/sites without code takes 3-4 times less time, because there’s no need to write code from scratch, and all the main elements are taken from ready-made templates.
  • Savings on human resources. No code allows the company to avoid hiring a whole staff of programmers, just one employee is enough.
  • Finance savings. Whatever one may say, no-code developers will cost much cheaper than programmers working with code.

What is more, in addition to the main functionality - templates, element libraries, interface customization, and design - the best no code platforms often offer workflow automation to help businesses grow faster, as well as access to databases and server-side applications.

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