Notify.Events vs. Grafana Alerting

Monitoring platforms like Grafana have become essential for businesses to track and manage their infrastructure effectively. One crucial aspect of these platforms is the capability to receive timely and actionable notifications.

In this article, we will explore two popular solutions for getting notifications from Grafana: Grafana Alerting and Notify.Events. We will describe each solution, examine their advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately conclude which one is a better choice.

Introduction to Grafana Alerting

Grafana Alerting is a built-in feature within Grafana that enables users to create alerts based on specific metrics and data. It offers a native integration with Grafana, leveraging the platform's interface for creating and managing alert rules. 

Advantages of Grafana Alerting

  • Native integration with Grafana simplifies the alert rule creation process.
  • Utilizes the familiar Grafana user interface, reducing the learning curve for users already accustomed to the platform.
  • Allows for easy configuration and customization of alert conditions based on specific metrics.

Disadvantages of Grafana Alerting

  • Limited notification options compared to other solutions (Slack, email, and Grafana OnCall only).
  • Complex configuration process for advanced notification scenarios, requiring deeper technical knowledge.
  • Inability to integrate with a wide range of external notification channels may restrict communication options.

Introduction to Notify.Events

Notify.Events is a comprehensive notification service that integrates with Grafana, offering advanced notification capabilities. It provides over 50 notification channels, including email, messengers, SMS, voice calls, push notifications, and more, enhancing the flexibility and immediacy of notifications.

Advantages of Notify.Events

  • Wide range of notification channels (email, SMS, Slack, Telegram, Discord, push notification apps, etc.) to ensure notifications reach the intended recipients through their preferred communication method.
Notify.Events recipients.png
  • Customizable notification templates, allowing for personalized and coherent messaging.
  • Ability to connect additional subscribers - colleagues and clients.
  • Duty schedules (sending according to working hours) and escalations (delayed sending of messages to another recipient tool or subscriber).
Notify.Events - notification delivery configuration.png
  • User-friendly installation and setup process, making it accessible and straightforward for users of varying technical expertise.
  • Possibility to connect additional tools and services as notification sources.
 Notify.Events sources - monitoring.png

Disadvantages of Notify.Events

  • Requires an additional integration step compared to Grafana Alerting, although the process is relatively simple.


When comparing Grafana Alerting and Notify.Events for receiving notifications from Grafana, it is evident that Notify.Events Grafana integration offers superior advantages. Notify.Events provides a more extensive selection of notification channels, ability to add subscribers, and customizable templates, allowing for more personalized and flexible communication. The user-friendly setup process of Notify.Events ensures a seamless experience. Another indisputable plus is the ability to connect other sources and combine all messages into a single notification flow.

While Grafana Alerting may be suitable for basic notification needs, Notify.Events excels in offering comprehensive and dynamic notification solutions for businesses. All in all, Notify.Events can ensure timely actions and quick issue resolutions. Therefore, for those seeking an effective and flexible notification system for Grafana, Notify.Events Grafana integration is the preferred choice.

Margarita Ramsten | Sep 2, 2023 Share it: