Release 2019.09

Public source catalog

Now anyone can adapt the message format, features and other parameters of which message will be sent to a particular subscriber. There are four options by which subscribers are divided:

  • Long text admissibility (in some subscribers (like SMS) long text may come with increased payment or other restrictions);
  • Formatting admissibility (using the tags <b> (bold), <i> (italic) and <a> (link) you can set the basic design for those subscribers who support it);
  • Admissibility of attached images (the ability to display the image in the subscriber’s chat);
  • Admissibility of attached files (the ability to send the file to subscriber’s chat);

Based on these options, you can decide how the message will look for the specified recipient.
The source editor supports flexible customization for various message formats. Whether it's RPC-JSON, XML-SOAP, or a simple POST request with attached files - you can easily convert it to a message. The message itself and data manipulation are organized by the TWIG template, which means that you do not need high development skills to use it.

Cloning Sources
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