Release Notes March 2021

What's New?

New Release: Jenkins Integration

One of the important things that we spent time on in March is the upgrade of the Notify.Events plugin for Jenkins. Release 1.4.0 is already available. We have tried to make the plugin handier by adding some new features:

  • Support for Jenkins Pipeline. Now you can add a step for sending notifications via Notify.Events not only in Freestyle projects but also in Pipeline mode. Just go to the Build Triggers tab and write the code in the script field.
  • Jenkins screen - Pipeline.png
  • Support for HTML tags. To let you improve the appearance of messages sent by Jenkins and add links to them, we have set the ability to use standard tags: <b>, <i>, <a>, <br>. Use them when formatting the Title and Message fields.
  • Setting the name, priority, and level of messages in the Build step. This will help you define the types of messages by yourself and receive each of them the way you want. For example, set up sending night alerts about important events in the form of voice calls, and get less significant notifications in Telegram or Viber at any time. The same function allows you to distribute messages among team members. To select the appropriate recipients for each type of Jenkins notifications and set the time frames for sending, go to the subscription settings in your Notify.Events account.
  • Jenkins screen - formatting.png
  • Support for environment variables for the Token field. Improvements have also been made in this field. Use environment variables for ease of configuration.
  • Customization of build status notifications. Now you can also edit the title and text of the message body using HTML tags, plus set the priority and level of such notifications.

New Source: Power Automate Desktop

Power Automate Desktop is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution for PCs. It is part of the Microsoft 365 product line and is a desktop version of the Microsoft Flow cloud service, now called Power Automate. Power Automate Desktop allows you to automate repetitive desktop and web processes by creating so-called “flows”. For this, the program contains more than 300 ready-made action templates. The program works with any application that can be run on a PC or in a browser.

Until recently, a desktop application license cost at least $15/month. But in March, Microsoft granted free access to all Windows 10 users. If so, meet the new integration! How do you like that, Microsoft? Now you can monitor the processes running on your computer, even without being in close proximity to it. Just add Power Automate Desktop to your channel and set notifications to the flow you want.

New Recipients: 6 SMS Notification Services

This month, the list of available recipients has also been expanded with the following SMS notification services:

SMS is a powerful and widely used tool in business. If you are already using one of the above services, you can add it as a recipient to your channel. To do this, go to the Integrations section from your control panel, click on Create and select the service you need from the list.

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