Release Notes May 2023

During the spring season, we managed to release several updates and a new integration.

What’s New?

New Recipient: Green API (WhatsApp)

You often ask us about WhatsApp as a recipient. For now, we cannot offer direct integration due to the strict requirements for notifications from the messenger. But thanks to a tip from our users, we’ve found a way to help you send notifications to WhatsApp.

Meet the new GREEN API integration. GREEN API is a WhatsApp messaging tool. It allows sending and receiving text messages, images, videos and files through the stable WhatsApp API gateway.

The service offers ready-made integrations with 1C: Enterprise, Node.js, HTML, Python, PHP and Go, and allows you to connect your CRM system. This means that you will easily interact with current customers, will be able to send messages to your database and link chats to the accounts.

The GREEN API has already appeared in the Notify.Events recipient list. You can connect the service by configuring the integration. Go to our Help Center to get the step-by-step setup instructions.

WordPress Plugin: Version 1.4.0

In May, we also released a new version of our WordPress notification plugin. The main update is support for product events for WooCommerce stores. Previously, only notifications about stocks of goods were available in this category, now the list has been replenished with the following events:

  • Product Added,
  • Product Published,
  • Product Sent for Review,
  • Product Approved.

In addition, we added the Product Custom Event with more flexible filtering. Namely, we added a status change check switch and a list of old statuses from which the switch should have occurred.

SMS for UK: New Number

To comply with the new UK law rules, we had to change the number for sending SMS. Previously, all Notify.Events SMS to UK numbers came from +13868668939, now you will see +447360270006. We recommend that you add the number to your contact list and don't forget to set the settings if you want notifications to come with a special sound, vibration type, etc.

Check out a new batch of Notify.Events Release Notes each month. Until then, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. If you have something to ask or suggest (maybe a new integration?), contact us at

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