Release Notes September 2023

This month there are a couple of updates and a new (almost) source.

What’s New?

Green API: Contact List Subscription

Let us remind you that Green API is a service for accessing WhatsApp API gateway. Green API integration allows us to implement delivery of notifications to WhatsApp. For now, direct integration of Notify.Events with WhatsApp is not possible due to the limitations on the messenger’s side.

To make the setup even simpler and more convenient, we have added the ability to subscribe numbers by selecting accounts from the contact list of the connected WhatsApp. This also works for group chats.

For this feature to work, the “Allow subscription over contact list” checkbox must be checked in the Green API integration settings. 5 Configure Green API integration.png This is what the subscription looks like in this case:

12 Add Green API number.png

Manually entering a WhatsApp phone number is still possible.

Complete instructions for setting up Green API integration and WhatsApp contact subscription can be found in our Help Center.

New Source: HOOBS

HOOBS is a smart home system that allows you to connect and bundle different home automation ecosystems into one. Specifically, it integrates Apple HomeKit devices with smart devices from other brands. In fact, this is a lightweight version of Homebridge, which is also on our source catalog.

HOOBS can now be found in the Notify.Events source directory as a separate service, and Notify.Events can be found in the list of HOOBS plugins on the official website.

The integration allows you to send not only text messages, but also attach files and images to them, as well as customize action buttons. By using them, you can launch certain scenarios and events directly from the chat.

Since HOOBS is powered by Homebridge, the setup will match that of that service. You will find instructions on GitHub.

E-Mail Source: Tables, Lists and Images Support

If you are using Notify.Events for email forwarding, then there is good news for you too. We have implemented support for expanded visualization of tables and lists. Now content of this format will become more readable in chat.

We also added support for images, not just files. If Notify.Events recognizes the image, it will send it to the chat as an attachment instead of a link.

Check out a new batch of Notify.Events Release Notes each month. Until then, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. If you have something to ask or suggest (maybe a new integration?), contact us at

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