Release Notes August 2022

In the past month, we've been hard at work creating beautiful new landing pages that will make Notify.Events features and benefits clearer for specific user groups. For example, for smart home users or online store teams. Very soon you will see the finished pages on our site.

In the meantime, let's talk about small but important changes that we made in August. They will make your experience of using the service even easier and more convenient.

What’s New?

Homebridge: File Support

First, the updates affected the Homebridge service, designed to automate and control a smart home. In particular, to combine Apple HomeKit devices and other smart devices into a single ecosystem.

Here's what we did: we updated the homebridge-notifyevents libraries to version 1.3.0, which introduced the ability to attach images and files to messages. For example, you can receive not only text notifications from smart appliances in your home, but also images from CCTV cameras.

PHP: Chat Actions

We already wrote about chat actions in the February release notes, where we said that this feature allows you to trigger events directly from the notification chat through a special button / link.

Then it became available for the Homebridge and Node-RED services, as well as for the Node.js, Python and Incoming Webhook libraries. Now the PHP library has also received support for actions.

Read more about Chat Actions in the Help section >>

WordPress: Compatibility Improvements

While we're not far away from PHP, let us also tell you that the WordPress integration has received an update to be more compatible with the PHP configuration and ensure that messages are sent.

Zabbix: New Media-type

The next update relates to Zabbix integration. Here we released a new version of the media-type file that supports Zabbix 6.0 and higher:

Notify.Events Xabbix media-type 5.0.png

Outgoing Webhook: Query Headers

And finally, we added the ability to specify request headers for the Outgoing Webhook recipient. This, for example, allows you to use authorization when accessing external services.

Most of this month's updates were made largely thanks to you, our users. We read all the reviews and implement good suggestions whenever possible.

We remind you that you can ask a question, report a problem and propose a new integration in our Telegram community or by emailing We are quick to reply! In addition, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Medium.

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