Release Notes July 2021

What's new?

Shopify App: Launch

For 2 months we have accumulated enough updates, but one of them is super important and long-awaited. It's about launching our Shopify plugin. Yes, we finally did it! Now Notify.Events works not only with WordPress and WooCommerce sites, but also with Shopify online stores.

Shopify is one of the largest eCommerce platforms out there. With the help of a ready-made builder, business owners can quickly and easily build and launch their store or marketplace. More than 1,700,000 companies around the world have already entrusted their business to Shopify.

The platform truly offers one of the best solutions for stores targeting both local and international markets. Setting up takes a minimum of time and effort - you don't need to have programming or design skills and involve additional specialists. And built-in tools allow you to manage all the important processes in one place - from marketing and payments to secure checkout and delivery.

The principle of working with the new Shopify app is the same as with the WordPress plugin. Install the app from the Shopify App Store to your store, set up channels and events.

Notify.Events Shopify app customization

The app allows you to optimize the work of your store and instantly receive information about new events. For example, when a customer places an order or pays for it, you will receive an instant notification via SMS, Slack, Signal, Microsoft Teams or 50+ other messengers and communication tools. And distributing messages among managers by type, priority and work schedule will help increase sales.

Shopify notification

Google Home / Nest: New Source

Another significant update is integration with Google Home and Nest, one of the leaders in the field of IoT and Smart Home. The Google Home App and Nest App let you configure, manage and control all your Google Home, Google Nest and Chromecast devices in one place. Smart lights, cameras, thermostats and much more are produced under the Google brands. Many of them are equipped with Google Assistant, which makes operation even more convenient.

With Notify.Events, get instant notifications on your smartphone from the Nest Smart Thermostat, Nest Camera, Nest Hello and other Nest and Google Home devices connected to your home system on Google Home and / or Nest.

Homebridge: New Source

Homebridge is software that acts as a link between Apple HomeKit and other IoT devices. With 2000 plugins, the service enables users to integrate with thousands of popular smart home devices that do not natively support HomeKit. For example, Xiaomi SmartHome, Ring, Google Nest, TP-Link Kasa Smart Home, Belkin Wemo and myQ.

By adding Homebridge as a source to your Notify.Events channel, you can instantly receive all important notifications from the connected devices.

Homebridge notification

Payments: New Methods

You said, we did! Firstly, in addition to Visa, Mastercard and MIR cards, payment via American Express is now available. We are planning to add PayPal in the nearest future.

Secondly, if before, when paying, there was always a conversion into rubles, and the final amount was also shown only in rubles, regardless of the selected currency, now when you select $, payment will take place without additional conversion, and you will see the amount in the same currency.

Notify.Events payment methods

GitHub Actions: New Source

Github Actions is a free Github CI / CD feature for automating software workflows. With this solution, you can easily build, test, and deploy your code right from GitHub. For example, create containers, deploy a web service, or automate meeting new users with your open source projects.

Github Actions works with a customized workflow that contains actions, their relationships and dependencies. They allow you to run code in a GitHub-managed virtual machine that can retrieve additional information from your repository.

The service is available on all major operating systems (Linux, macOS, Windows) and supports many programming languages: Node.js, Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, Go, Rust, .NET and others, making it easy to build and test any of your projects. And matrix assemblies save time by simultaneously testing on multiple OS and runtime versions.

Github Actions integration with Notify.Events gives you the ability to receive real-time notifications from Github about events in your infrastructure and instantly react to failures and fix them if necessary.

GitHub Actions Notification

Zabbix: Integration Update

Zabbix has been updated as well. We have upgraded our plugin and documentation to support Zabbix 5.0 and higher. Now you have the ability to use the built-in webhook media-type.

Cisco Webex: New Recipient

Cisco Webex is a tool for organizing chatting, calls, video conferencing and various online events. The service is suitable for both small teams and huge companies. With the Webex app, users can make HD video calls with up to 200 connected users, online presentations, and work meetings, on any device.

The integration Notify.Events works through a webhook. Webex, in turn, integrates seamlessly with 100+ popular apps.

WirePusher: New Recipient

Another July update is the new notification recipient - WirePusher. Just like with other similar services, integration with Notify.Events allows you to receive messages on your device in the form of push notifications via a simple web call.

Facebook Messenger: Suspension

Couple of months ago, we wrote about the restrictions on sending notifications to Facebook Messenger due to the company's policy regarding the use of chatbots.

Unfortunately, adjusting the message format did not bring any positive results. Blocks of messages sent by the Notify.Events chatbot continued. And this time, for the time being, we had to completely abandon interaction with Facebook Messenger and remove it from the list of recipients.

If you have used this messenger on your channels, we recommend that you do not delay and replace it with another suitable recipient right now. There are many more popular chatting apps on our list:

Notify.Events Recipients

However, this is definitely not the last word in our relationship with Facebook. We are not discouraged and plan to return the ability to work with the messenger via the API. Stay tuned for news soon!

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