Release Notes October 2021

What’s New?

Facebook Messenger: Custom Integration

In July, unfortunately, we had to abandon the integration with Facebook Messenger due to the blocking of our bot in connection with the company's policy. But even then we promised to find a way to return the ability to work with the messenger as soon as possible. And we did it!

However, from now on, sending notifications to Facebook Messenger will be done through your own bot. Therefore, by pre-configuring our API.

In addition, you will need to configure the integration in the Integrations section using a Page Access Token.

Facebook Messenger Custom integration

If you want to allow Notify.Events to process incoming messages and let users (your customers or colleagues) subscribe through the Notify.Events interface, check the box next to the required field.

Facebook Messenger Custom settings

After adding the integration, allow subscribing to it in the channel settings.

New Source: OpenCart

OpenCart is a free online store building platform. The service is open source and works on any paid hosting. In addition to built-in analytics and SEO tools, as well as tools for managing products, customers and orders, a large number of plugins, or modules, and themes are available in the store.

If you are among the 470,000+ OpenCart users, you can now add this service as a source to your channel using the Notify.Events plugin. Receive notifications about important events in your store in a convenient messenger as soon as they happen. Add any number of recipients and customize sending to the desired team members - e.g. managers or warehouse employees.

Notifications about the following events are available:

  • New user,
  • New order,
  • Order status change,
  • New return,
  • Return status change,
  • Product out of stock.

New Recipient: Firebase Cloud Messaging

Firebase Cloud Messaging (formerly Google Cloud Messaging) is a cross-platform messaging solution from Google that allows sending messages between mobile client apps and server apps for free. So, using it, third-party application developers can send messages from servers hosted in FCM to platform users or end users.

Like the Facebook Messenger Custom integration, Firebase Cloud Messaging works with Notify.Events via the API. To receive notifications from the necessary source services in FCM, first set up the integration in the Integrations section using your API Key and enable its use in the channel settings.

Firebase Cloud Messaging integration Firebase Cloud Messaging settings

New Payment Method: PayPal

Another July promise was fulfilled this month. Then we added the ability to pay through American Express and mentioned that we have plans to work on PayPal in the near future. Ready!

Now fund your account via PayPal in 2 clicks. The minimum payment amount is $5.

PayPal payment

Check out a new batch of Notify.Events Release Notes each month. Until then, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. If you have something to ask or suggest (maybe a new integration?), contact us at

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