Shopify Opens the Borders: Southeast Asia and China Coming

Shopify recently announced plans to enter the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets. To help online retailers sell their products in these countries, the leading e-commerce platform has entered into a series of agreements with local large companies.

Shopify in China

In China, e-commerce giant has partnered with Shopify. It is one of the largest e-commerce companies in China with 550 million active customers. Through their partnership, the two companies will open up the world's largest e-commerce marketplace to merchants. This expansion of sales geography will allow brands to reach a new level and significantly increase revenue.

The new features will only be available to US companies for now. They will be able to list their products on the JD Worldwide international e-commerce platform to directly sell products to customers in China. It is expected that the specialized platform JD Marketplace will allow sellers from the United States to start working in just 3-4 weeks. Usually, for foreign brands, the whole process takes 12 months.

JD will handle the logistics for shipping from the US to China. The company has more than 1300 own warehouses and more than 200,000 employees of the delivery service. The marketplace will also offer merchants automatic price conversion and intelligent translation of product names and descriptions into Chinese.

Shopify in Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, Shopify will partner with aCommerce, the region's leading e-commerce tool for brands. Newly minted partners plan to start expansion from three countries - Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

The whole process will be based on Shopify Plus. This enterprise commerce platform allows businesses to directly sell products to the end consumer without any middlemen.

Unlike the JD partnership, the aCommerce partnership targets companies from Asia. It will allow Indonesian, Thai,and Filipino brands to take full advantage of the Shopify Plus platform to quickly launch and scale online stores.

Built-in advertising tools, the ability to automate, and Shopify API will allow companies to increase sales. And for online shoppers, this means a high level of convenience in ordering, paying, and shipping, as well as access to world-class support.

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Margarita Ramsten | Jan 27, 2022 Share it: