Top 5 Blogs About WordPress (For Beginners and Advanced Users)

Are you new to WordPress and just want to create your first website, blog or online store? Or are you already an advanced user having a bunch of WordPress-based sites under your belt and just looking for more useful tips?

Be that as it may, this selection of quality online resources about WordPress will be of great help to you. They contain hints, tutorials, guides, and even discounts. So, let’s go!

  1. WPBeginner

    WPBeginner is one of those free sites that has an endless supply of all sorts of useful materials: beginner guides (e.g. on how to start a WordPress store or blog), WordPress plugin reviews, collection of best WordPress themes, tutorials, and more. Unsurprisingly, there are over 1,320,000 readers.

    Visitors are also encouraged to receive free WordPress videos, plugins, and some other resources in exchange for their email addresses.

    The site markets itself as a resource with "quality tips, tricks, hacks, and other WordPress resources" for WordPress beginners (which is quite clear from the name), "small businesses, bloggers, and non-techy WordPress website owners". Although experienced users will be able to find a lot of useful things here. For example, deals and coupons or WordPress news.

  2. ThemeIsle

    Initially, the main goal of the ThemeIsle team was to develop simple yet functional WordPress themes. But gradually the site was overgrown with useful resources. Guides, tutorials, reviews, plugins, useful WordPress tools - you will find all this on the company's blog. For example, a detailed guide for beginners “How to Make a WordPress Website” is available for free. Article and video topics include not only WordPress, but Marketing and SEO, Blogging and Ecommerce in general.

    Looking for the best Elementor Addons for your WordPress Website? Check out the Best Elementor Addons and Plugins for WordPress 2023 guide on the QuomodoSoft blog.

    In addition to the site, ThemeIsle has a closed Facebook community, WordPress Hub, with 9000+ subscribers, where WordPress users ask questions and share their experiences. The team encourages users to “ask questions, discuss trends and developments, share great new tools, offer tips, and share your thoughts about WordPress.”

    By the way, an interesting feature of the site is the pirate theme, which immediately catches your eye. Already on the logo, a parrot meets you, and skulls, palm trees, and, of course, the pirates themselves, scattered throughout the site, will not let you forget about where you got to (of course, on the pirate island!). All in all, all hands on deck and let's dive deeper into WordPress!

  3. MonsterPost

    MonsterPost is a blog by MonsterTemplate, a marketplace offering website templates, graphics, various plugins and themes not only for WordPress, but also for other platforms and applications (like Shopify, Magneto, and even PowerPoint).

    Much like the main site, the MonsterPost blog isn't just about WordPress. But this does not mean that there is little information about WordPress here. Not at all! First, an entire section is dedicated to WordPress tutorials. Second, the blog authors also write about Gutenberg text editor, Elementor constructor, and WooCommerce e-commerce plugin.

    By the way, speaking of plugins. Did you know that there is a simple and convenient way to receive notifications about events on your WordPress site, blog, online store on WooCommerce (for example, about registering new users, filling out a contact form or a new order) via instant messages in 40+ messengers, SMS, push notifications and voice calls?

    The Notify.Events WordPress plugin will help you get things done quickly. The plugin is free and works with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, WPForms and Ninja Forms.

    Thirdly, TemplateMoster has a free project - TemplateMonster School. Within the framework of this school, you can take a free course on WordPress (and not only). After registration, you will receive emails with educational content within 5 days. At the end of the course, you can even receive an e-certificate confirming your new skills.

    And the Free Stuff section will be a nice candy.

  4. WPLift

    WPLift is dedicated directly to teaching users the basics of WordPress. As the site says, “WPLift helps you learn WordPress better. It’s your own personal WordPress buddy to help you get the most from the world’s most popular CMS.” 

    This site contains WordPress guides and tutorials, WordPress themes and plugins reviews, news from the world of WordPress, and more. The blog is divided into the following sections: News, Hosting, Themes, Plugin, Security, Tips and Tutorials

    A separate section is devoted to WooCommerce. And then there are themes and plugins directories and a selection of fresh coupons (for example, a 20% discount on purchases from the same ThemeIsle).

    Articles cover a variety of topics from basic to advanced. For example, you will find WordPress study material on WordPress SEO here.

    Like ThemeIsle, WPLift site has a specific thematic - space.


    Of course, this collection could not ignore the most important resource about WordPress - the official WordPress website. is a great opportunity to learn firsthand from WordPress developers and experts.

    The site contains a lot of useful content - from themes and plugins to news and release notes, but for educational purposes the Learn WordPress section is of most interest. Here are collected Workshops - videos or screencasts aimed at helping users in setting up an account and certain functions.

    Moreover, it is interesting that they are created not only by WordPress experts who directly work in the company. Anyone with sufficient experience can take part in the creation of lessons. The videos are usually available in several languages.

    And to stay up-to-date on important WordPress events, you can subscribe to the newsletter, thus joining over 1.9 million existing subscribers.
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