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Release 2020.04

Apr 3, 2020
Message reception time

Now you can define the acceptable time for receiving messages for each subscriber on the channel.
For example: All messages during the day come to Telegram, and urgent messages at night - by a phone call.

E-Mail source

Get notifications to your channel simply by sending an email.

Nagios source

Release 2020.03

Mar 1, 2020
"Integrations" section

A new integration section has been added to the user menu, where you can add connections to and ClickSend services.
This will give you the ability to allow users to subscribe to the channel only with a phone number.

ClickSend (SMS) subscription
ClickSend (Voice call) subscription

Allows you to receive a call with a voice message.

Microsoft Teams subscription (private message only)
Added support for sending files and images for Skype
Zabbix source
Host-Tracker source

Release 2020.01

Jan 20, 2020
RSS Feed subscription
Atom Feed subscription
Prometheus Exporter subscription
Channel groups

Allows you to group your channels for future filtering, applying group actions and to mark API-created groups.

Translation of the service into English.

Release 2019.12

Dec 2, 2019
Discord subscription
XMPP subscription / Jabber

Release 2019.11

Nov 3, 2019
Chat actions

From now on, the source developing panel allows you to implement the "action buttons" that will be displayed in the subscriber’s chat, if this type of subscriber supports it. At the moment, the buttons allow two types of reactions to user actions:

  • Synchronous call to the remote address specified in the "action" configuration (the URL is called from the context of the service, not the user);
  • Asynchronous check of the "action" applying status (when creating a chat message, the identifier is passed to the source-service, and then you can use it to get the name of the applied action)

Currently, only one action per message is allowed.

Levels and priority of messages

Now you can define priority for each source (highest, high, normal, low, lowest) and set the level for messages (detailed, info, notification, warning, error). Also now you can choose which messages you want to get for each specific target when subscribing. For example, you can set that you want to receive only high-level messages via SMS and use e-mail for the rest.

E-Mail subscription
SMS subscription (

You can easily start getting a free(!) SMS notifications, all you need to do is sign up on service, and pass through a simple integration. More details

Web-push subscription in your browser