Release Notes February 2023

In January and February, we have accumulated a lot of news. Let's jump right into it.

What’s New?

New Recipient: Viber Custom

Recently, we wrote that we had to temporarily limit notifications to Viber. For now, we continue to look for a solution and will try to return Viber to the list of recipients soon.

But there is good news too. We figured out how to give you the opportunity to receive notifications in this messenger right now. It’s all about the Viber Custom integration. Simply put, this is sending messages through a custom Viber bot.

The integration was already in the list of our recipients, but before it could only be connected through the API. Now we have implemented a simpler way, in which Notify.Events takes over the processing of all notifications. It is suitable for personal use and will completely solve the problem of delivery to Viber. You will be able to send up to 10,000 messages per month for free (according to the Viber Chatbot commercial model).

To make it all work, you only need to create your own Viber bot that will receive notifications and set up the integration. Of course, it will take a little longer than connecting a standard recipient, but it's not difficult at all. We have prepared step by step instructions. Try it yourself!

Viber - subscribe via bot.png
Setting up a custom Viber bot to receive notifications

New Recipient: Line Custom

We did not stop at Viber and added another integration - LINE Custom. Everything works exactly the same: create a LINE bot, set up the integration on the Notify.Events side, and start getting notifications in the messenger. Check out the instructions. LINE offers 1,000 free messages per month.

LINE - subscribe via bot.png

New Source: nymea

In February, we have also prepared several new sources for you. The first one is nymea, a free smart home and IoT solution. It allows you to remotely manage smart devices and combine them into a single ecosystem.

Just like with similar home automation platforms, integration with Notify.Events helps receive alerts from smart devices in a convenient way and expands the list of notification methods already available.

New Source: Watchtower

Next in line is Watchtower, an application for automatically updating Docker containers. It monitors active containers and restarts them if it detects changes.

By connecting the utility as a Notify.Events source, you will get notified of all updates during the development, testing and deployment of applications.

New Source: Slack Formatted Webhooks

And one more new integration is Slack Formatted Webhooks. It helps connect as a source any service or script that generates a Slack-compatible message format.

This means that you can forward such notifications to any of the Notify.Events recipients. For example, to Telegram, Microsoft Teams, SMS, etc.

New Language: French

We continue to localize the site and the service interface into different languages. In February, a French version was added. Apprécier!

Notify.Events in French.png

New Feature: Custom Recipient Names

Finally, two new features. You asked to allow setting custom names for recipients - we did. This is especially convenient if you have multiple subscribers who receive SMS or voice call notifications. Now each of them can be assigned a clear name.

Custom recipient names - Notify.Events.png

To set everything up, go to the recipient screen (click on the name or the “Edit” button) and fill in the “Title” field. The original name will still be displayed, but in brackets.

Custom recipient name - Notify.Events.png

New Feature: Message Public View

Another option that appeared thanks to our users. Now in the channel settings you can choose whether notifications will be available via a direct link.

Message public view - Notfy.Events.png

The full text of all notifications, including links and attachments, is stored in your account on the Messages screen (Control Panel > Channels > “Your Channel Name” > “All Messages” button).

If the public view option is enabled (it is by default), anyone you send the link to can view the notification. If this option is disabled, only the logged in owner of the Notify.Events account will be able to see the message.

Message public view link - Notfy.Events.png

Check out a new batch of Notify.Events Release Notes each month. Until then, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. If you have something to ask or suggest (maybe a new integration?), contact us at

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