LINE Custom integration for personal use

To configure sending notifications via LINE, the user needs to create a LINE bot in the LINE Developers Console. It is available to any LINE user. The free LINE Official Account currently allows bot owners to send up to 1,000 messages per calendar month. Find out more on the LINE for business website.

View detailed instructions on how to create a LINE Bot >>

But for everything to work, it is important to set up the integration and enable subscription in the properties of the desired Notify.Events channel.

If at least one of these items was not completed, at the stage of subscribing to the channel you will see the following message:

1 Notify.Events - Configure Integration message.png

Step 1. Configure integration

  1. Go to the Integration screen. This can be done via the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Make sure you are logged in to the system.
  2. 2 Notify.Events - Integrations.png
  3. Click on the Create button.
  4. 3 Notify.Events - create integration.png
  5. Click on the Line Custom card.
  6. 4 Notify.Events - LINE Custom.png
  7. Fill in all required fields in the integration card:
  8. 5 Notify.Events - LINE Custom setup.png
    • Title - set individual or leave the default.
    • Bot Basic ID - copy the Bot basic ID from the bot settings in your LINE Developers Console ([your provider] > [your bot] > Messaging API > Bot information).
    • 6 LINE - Bot Basic ID .png
    • Channel Access Token - copy the Channel access token from the bot settings in your LINE Developers Console ([your provider] > [your bot] > Messaging API > Channel access token). You will need to first generate the token by clicking the Issue button.
    • 7 LINE - Channel Access Token.png
    • Incoming messages processing (and allow subscribing through the Notify.Events interface) - check this box so that Notify.Events can process incoming notifications and you receive them in LINE.
    • Incoming Message URL  –  copy and paste the generated personal address into the Webhook URL field in your bot settings in your LINE Developers Console ([your provider] > [your bot] > Messaging API > Webhook Settings). To do this, click the Edit button next to Webhook URL, enter the address and click Update. It is not necessary to verify the address.
    • 8 LINE - Webhook URL.png
    • Channel Secret – copy the Channel secret from the bot settings in your LINE Developers Console ([your provider] > [your bot] > Basic settings > Channel secret).
    9 LINE - Channel Secret.png
  9. After clicking the Save button, the created integration will appear on the Integration screen.
10 Notify.Events - created LINE Custom.png

Step 2. Allow subscription

  1. Go to the channel properties via the Edit button on the main screen of the Control Panel or on the channel screen.
  2. 11 Notify.Events - edit channel.png
  3. Check the box next to Line Custom in the Allow subscription via integration field and click the Save button. Line Custom will be displayed in this field only after successfully completing Step 1.
12 Notify.Events - allow LINE Custom subscription.png

In the next step, you can add custom integration to the channel.

Step 3. Add the custom integration to the channel

After you have configured the Line Custom integration and allowed the subscription, you can add it to the selected channel as a recipient.

  1. On the channel screen, click the Subscribe button in the Recipients section.
  2. 13 Notify.Events - suscribe.png
  3. On the Channel subscription screen, select Line Custom.
  4. 14 Notify.Events - add LINE Custom.png
  5. Click the button to add the bot to your contact list.
  6. 15 Notify.Events - add LINE bot.png
  7. Copy the subscribe command and send it to the dialog.
16 LINE - subscribe via bot.png

Ready! The subscription will now appear in the Recipients section of the channel screen, and you will receive notifications from the chosen services in LINE.

17 Notify.Events - LINE Custom recipient.png

Creating and setting up a LINE bot in the LINE Developers Console

To enable the LINE Custom integration, you need to create a LINE bot through LINE Developers. To do this, log in to the LINE Developers Console with your LINE account or your business account.

18 LINE Developers - login.png
  1. From the Console homepage create a new provider by clicking the Create a new provider button. A provider in LINE is an individual developer, company, or organization that provides services.
  2. 19 LINE Developers - create a provider.png
  3. Enter a provider name and click Create. This name will be displayed on the Notify.Events channel in the list of recipients after Line Custom is connected.
  4. 20 LINE Developers - provider name.png
  5. After successful creation, you will be prompted to create a new channel (=bot). To do this, on the Channels tab, select Create a Messaging API channel.
  6. 21 LINE Developers - create a channel.png
  7. Fill in the required fields:
    • Channel type – make sure it says Messaging API.
    • Provider – make sure the provider you created is selected here.
    • Company or owner's country or region – choose your country.
    • Channel icon – optionally, upload an image for the bot.
    • Channel name – enter a name for the bot.
    • Channel description – enter a description of the bot that your subscribers will see.
    • Category – select the appropriate category for your bot.
    • Subcategory –  select the appropriate subcategory for your bot.
    • Email address – check your email address.
    • Privacy policy URL – optionally insert a link to your bot’s privacy policy.
    • Terms of use URL – optionally insert a link to your bot’s terms of use.

    Then check all 3 boxes below and click Create.

    22 LINE Developers - new channel 1.png 23 LINE Developers - new channel 2.png
  8. When the creation process is completed, you will automatically be taken to the Basic settings section, and the bot will appear in the provider's channel list. Go to LINE Official Account Manager > Settings > Response Settings. 
  9. 24 LINE Developers - created channel.png
  10. Enable the Webhooks slider. You can also enable/disable greeting messages, auto-response messages and set up response hours here.
25 LINE Official Account - webhooks.png

If you want your bot to send notifications to LINE group chats, go to Settings > Account Settings > Toggle features. Switch Group and multi-person chats to Allow account to join groups and multi-person chats.

26 LINE Official Account - group chats.png

Congratulations, you've created a LINE bot! Now you can go back to the top of the instructions and set up the LINE Custom integration to start getting notifications through your bot.