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How we bill

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Notify.Events offers a convenient billing system based on incoming messages. Each subscription plan determines the number of prepaid messages and the price per message in excess of this number.

To understand which plan is right for you, read the article “How to choose a plan?” в in the Getting Started section.

The service charges only incoming messages from sources. Thus, the number of subscribers on your channel does not in any way affect the price of the message.

Auto-renewal of subscription

All subscriptions are valid for 30 calendar days from the date of purchase. At the end of the subscription period, and also subject to the availability of the required amount of funds on your balance, the current subscription will be automatically renewed for the next 30 calendar days.

Automatic switching to the free plan

If at the end of the billing cycle there is not enough funds on your account to renew the subscription, you will be automatically switched to the free Basic plan and you will be able to continue using the system within the established limits.

Plan change

You can change your current subscription plan at any time by paying the full cost of the new one. The unspent balance of prepaid messages, as well as the validity period of an active subscription, are not compensated and expire at the moment of switching to a new plan.

Subscriptions with extra payment

Outgoing messages to some types of recipients (e.g. SMS or voice calls) are not included in the plan and require an additional fee. The required amount is deducted from your balance at the time of sending.


The cost of sending a notification directly depends on the number of SMS messages required to send the entire notification text. This number is calculated based on the generally accepted GSM 03.38 standard (160 characters for messages using only Latin characters and 70 characters in all other cases). The cost on the Pricing page is indicated for one SMS message.

Voice Calls

Payment is charged for the fact of making a call.

Messenger LINE

Payment is charged for each message sent to LINE.

Balance auto-replenishment

At the moment, auto-replenishment of the balance is not provided.