Important Changes in Viber Notifications

What's going on?

If you have your notifications sent to Viber, today you may have noticed that messages don’t come as usual. This is due to the fact that since September 1, Viber has tightened the rules for using chatbots, introducing its new chatbot commercial model.

Now message delivery simply stops when a fixed total limit is reached. This is what happened to our chatbot.In addition, Viber will charge for over-limit messages.

You can learn more about the new rules on the official Viber website.

What does this mean for Notify.Events?

New rules apply to all active chatbots on Viber. Including the Notify.Events chatbot that sends you notifications. Therefore, we are now forced to inform you that the Viber subscription has been temporarily suspended.

For some time messages will not be delivered. And next to the messages in the Notify.Events Control Panel, you will see the status “maximum free messages from Bot exceeded”.

Viber error message.png

The Viber Custom recipient continues to work. But we recommend that chatbot owners familiarize themselves with Viber’s limits and prices for sending messages.

What’s next?

The best option now is to choose another app to receive notifications. There are more than 50 services in our list of recipients. This way you won't miss important alerts.

Notify.Events recipient services.png

If you're sharing a Notify.Events subscription with team or family members who receive notifications on Viber, don't forget to let them know about the changes and also offer to choose a different recipient. For this, just send them a link to subscribe to the channel.

Notify.Events channel subscription.png

What will happen to Viber?

We are already resolving the issue, but it takes time both on our part and on Viber's part. Most likely, we will resume the work of the recipient, but already as a paid subscription - such as Line, SMS and voice calls.

We will let you know about any updates. In the meantime, follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram so as not to miss important news!

Margarita Ramsten | Oct 24, 2022 Share it: