Top Trending Smart Home Devices

According to the survey, 85% of Americans use 2 or more smart home or / and other smart devices. To obtain objective results, 1,000 Americans aged 18 and older were surveyed. They were asked to indicate what smart devices they currently have.

The survey also found that the average American owns 8 smart devices. So let’s look at the most used smart home devices in the US (the percentages show how many people own at least one such device):

  1. Smart speaker – 35.6%
  2. Smart TV – 25.7%
  3. Security camera (indoor / outdoor) – 21.6%
  4. Smart hub with screen – 21.5%
  5. Video doorbell – 14.6%
  6. Garage door opener – 13.8%
  7. Smart thermostat – 10.3%
  8. Motion detector – 8.9%
  9. Door lock – 8.2%
  10. Smoke detector/CO detector – 7.6%
Top-10 Smart Home devices - graph.png

As we see, the most popular smart device this year is smart speakers with a built-in home assistant (e.g. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri). It is quite interesting that almost a quarter of the Americans surveyed have smart hubs such as Amazon Echo Show, Google Home Hub, or Samsung Smartthings Hub in their homes. In addition to the most used devices listed above, smart light bulbs (7.3%), door / window sensors (7.2%), and smart plugs (7.1%) are also gaining popularity.

Another interesting survey outcome is that Americans are ready to purchase an average of 4 new smart devices over the next year. Among the most promising ones are smart hubs with screen / display, video doorbells, and Wi-Fi–enabled digital cameras.

The stats prove that the future has already arrived and that smart devices are no longer something distant and inaccessible. And, given current trends, the number of smart home and IoT users will only grow.

And if you are one of those advanced users who trust smart devices to control their home and use one of the systems for organizing a smart home (Home Assistant, MajorDoMo, Node-RED), you will be glad to hear that now you can combine notifications from all your devices and receive them in a convenient way.

Notify.Events is here to simplify the management of notifications from smart home and IoT devices and set up their receipt in messengers or other communication tools. For example, Signal or Telegram. To do this, simply register in the N.E system and add the desired service to your channel as a source.

Margarita Ramsten | Jul 11, 2021 Share it: