WPExplorer Tests Notify.Events

Do you know that Notify.Events offers out-of-the-box integration with WordPress? Yes, we do! If you and your team work with a WordPress website, such as a WooCommerce store or blog, then the Notify.Events WordPress plugin will come in very handy.

Notify.Events real-time notifications allow you to track various events on your website. For example, the plugin currently supports notifications about new blog posts and comments, new user registrations, WooCommerce orders, submitted contact forms, and more.

And this week, a Notify.Events WordPress plugin review was published on WPExplorer – one of the leading WordPress blogs with useful tips, guides, tutorials, and lists of recommended themes and plugins.The WPExplorer staff author independently tested the Notify.Events service and WordPress plugin and now shares his impressions, plus gives a detailed description of the key features and provides step-by-step instructions on:

  • How to install and activate the Notify.Events plugin;
  • How to sign up the service and set it up:
    • create channels,
    • add your WordPress website as a source,
    • add WordPress events to trigger notifications,
    • add recipients - messengers, etc. to receive notifications.
  • How to set up Slack notifications;
  • How to set up WooCommerce notifications;
  • How to set up SMS notifications.

Read the WPExplorer blog to learn more about how the Notify.Events WordPress plugin can help you boost engagement and sales on your website.

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Margarita Ramsten | May 17, 2021 Share it: