Notify.Events API

The Notify.Events API is used to integrate the capabilities of the Notify.Events notification service into a client's personal project and is intended for developers.


The service API operates over the HTTP protocol and is a set of methods used to make requests and return responses for each operation. All responses come in the form of JSON structures.

See more detailed information about the concepts and entities used in the documentation (e.g. Channels, Sources, Recipients, etc.) and their interrelationships in our Help Center, the Notify.Events Overview section.

The limit on the number of requests is 10 requests per second.

Cross-domain requests (like jQuery Ajax) are not allowed.

Master URL

All references to API requests in this documentation include the required master URL:


Authorization at the API level is done using a Bearer token, which must be passed in the Authorization header for each request:

Authorization: Bearer <Your key>

You will find your token (Auth Key) in your profile settings, the API section.

Response codes and formats

200 – successful request processing. In this case, the server will return the data to you in JSON format.

401 – authorization error or invalid authorization token.

422 – Invalid API request. In this case, the server will also give information about which fields caused the validation error and for what reason.

Server response example:

    "field": "title",
    "message": "Title cannot be blank."
    "field": "group",
    "message": "Group must be a string."