Facebook Messenger Custom integration

The Messenger Custom integration makes it possible to subscribe to the channel as recipients your own Facebook's Messenger bots. This allows you to brand notifications and add custom functionality.

There are two ways to add custom Facebook Messenger integration to a channel as a recipient:

  • Via the API. In this case, notifications are sent directly through your bot, and subscribers - your clients or colleagues - interact only with the bot or your own website without having to contact the Notify.Events service directly. To do this, you need to configure the Notify.Events API.
  • Via the Notify.Events bot. If you choose this method, Notify.Events will process incoming messages. This option is suitable for personal use, since the use of the functionality of such bots in Messenger is by default available only to its creator and requires logging in through their Facebook account. Accordingly, only the owner of the bot will be able to interact with it and receive notifications. However, you can optionally share access to your unpublished bot with other users through the mechanism for adding testers.

View detailed instructions on how to set up the Messenger Custom subscription via the Notify.Events bot >>