Managing Notify.Events subscription plans

The Pricing screen is a plan management screen where you can not only view the main details of your current and other available subscription plans but also view the cost of additional options and switch plans.

The page is divided into several sections:

Plan table

The plan able displays all available subscription plans with detailed information about the options included in them. Namely:

Notify.Events Pricing
  • Plan name,
  • The number of messages included in the plan for a month (30 days),
  • Price for each message in excess of the plan,
  • The number of channels that can be created within the plan,
  • The number of subscribers that can be added to channels within the plan,
  • The number and size of attachments (files / images) allowed for each message,
  • User support type: Community, Standard or Premium,
  • Price per month (30 days) subscription.

From here you can also change the plan using the Switch to button. The gray inactive button shows your current plan, green - a plan available for switching. To switch to one of them, just click on the button and confirm the action.

Switching Notify.Events plan

Do not forget that when you change the plan, there must be enough funds on your account balance to pay subscription for the new plan. This amount will be debited immediately, and all unspent messages in the current subscription plan will be lost.

Prices for additional services

In addition to the basic cost of plans, the Pricing screen shows the cost of additional options, i.e. sending notifications to paid recipient types (SMS, Voice call and Line messenger).

Prices for additional services.png

The prices are the same for all the plans. However, the cost may differ depending on the selected country and exchange rate.

If your country is not automatically detected correctly, you can change it by clicking on the name and choosing the correct value from the drop-down list.

Changing country - Notify.Events

Bonus programs

This section contains a quick reference for bonus messages.

Notify.Events bonus programs

You will find more information on the topic in this article.