2022 Annual Highlights

Time to take stock of the year! We decided to remember what changes took place in 2022. And also, to lift the veil of secrecy a little: to share interesting numbers and statistics to show how you used the service this year.

New Integrations

In 2022, we implemented several integrations:

  • The Elastic Stack (ELK stack) system has been added to the sources.
  • The Emby media service appeared among the recipients. With this integration, you can receive notifications not only on your phone, tablet or PC, but also on your TV.
  • Another new recipient is the mysterious Skype Custom. This integration helps bypass the limitations of the Skype service and allows you to send notifications using your own bots.

New Features and Updates

One of the most important updates is the new Chat Actions feature, which allows you to launch events directly from the notification window through a special button/link. For example, open the front door or turn off the lights in the hallway. This year we have implemented a feature in the Homebridge and Node-RED integration, as well as in the Node.js, Python, Incoming Webhook and PHP libraries. In 2023, we plan to add Home Assistant and some other sources to this list.

By the way, Notify.Events for Homebridge became a certified plugin this year and received the function of sending images and files.

In addition, we finalized the format of incoming messages in Telegram, for Zabbix, implemented the level and priority of events setting on the side of the service itself and updated the media-type version, improved WordPress integration compatibility and added request headers for the Outgoing Webhook recipient.

New Landing Pages

In addition to the service stuffing, we have made useful changes to the site. For example, we developed landing pages for each case:

Feel free to send the necessary link to partners or friends who also want to organize their notification flow!

Also, we have improved the top menu. Now finding the desired section or page is much easier and faster.

Notify.Events solutions.png

New Office

Our main office is now located in Riga (Latvia). We are SIA Notify and our service is fully GDPR compliant.

New Languages

To expand the geography and make the service even more convenient, this year we localized the website and interface into several languages: Spanish, German and Thai. The nearest plans include French, Latvian and other European languages versions.

Notify.Events languages.png

Notify.Events in Numbers

Well, finally we got to the most interesting part:

  • This year we have grown as much as 2 times! 2469 users have joined Notify.Events (and these are only new accounts, excluding your subscribers: teammates, family members and clients).
  • Most often you used Home Assistant, Homebridge, Zabbix, Jenkins and Node-RED as notification sources. The number of active users of Homebridge has grown especially strongly.
  • The most popular recipients were Telegram, Email (who would have thought!), Notify.Events iOS app, SMS, and Notify.Events Android app.
  • On average, we processed 400,000 notifications from your sources every month.
  • And this year, 2 YouTube reviews of Notify.Events for Homebridge (Apple HomeKit) were released: video #1, video #2.

In 2023, we are planning even more new integrations, improving the onboarding process and, of course, new features. Thank you for being with us this year and helping us grow!

Margarita Ramsten | Dec 29, 2022 Share it: