Silver Medal at Tagline Awards 2020-2021

On April 23, Moscow hosted the Tagline Awards 2020–2021 - the largest Russian digital event over the past year. Notify.Events, in partnership with Globus, a leader in the development, analytics and integration of IT systems, won the silver medal in the “Shoemaker with Boots → Agency Products / Services for New Conditions” nomination.

Tagline Awards is the largest digital competition in Eastern Europe. The award has been held annually for 10 years for achievements in the digital sphere for the best projects of agencies and inhouse teams in such nominations as Sites, Mobile Applications, Social Media, Chatbots, Innovative Services, and others. The nomination Agency Products / Services for New Conditions was introduced this year for the first time and was awarded for projects launched during the COVID-19 pandemic and helping companies adapt to the "new reality".

Tagline Awards ceremonies bring together many professionals and customers in the field of digital services. The jury includes both Russian and foreign experts in the field of marketing, communications, development, design, and other digital disciplines.

In the summer, our service took a bronze medal at the Summer Tagline Awards - an intermediate competition. And already at the main stage, our contest application took the second place. You can view a list of all winners on the official Tagline website at this link.

We are very proud of ourselves and promise to continue in the same vein! To support us, join our groups on Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter. Also, now you can read us at Medium.

Margarita Ramsten | May 1, 2021 Share it: