Earn a $10/€20 Gift Card to a Popular Online Store For a Review

If you already use Notify.Events, today you have a great chance to share your opinion and earn on it.

In return for your customer feedback, you will get a $10/€20 GIFT CARD to a popular online store.

We just ask you to spare a few minutes to let us know what we’re getting right and what we can improve. Or maybe you have suggestions for new integrations? Go ahead!

It can help us develop more customer-focused solutions and release new features that our users really want.

Since the offer is sponsored by Capterra, your review must be left on their website using the dedicated link (find it below).

The first 100/60 eligible reviewers will be able to select from multiple gift card and charity options, including gift cards to Amazon and other well-known online stores.

Just choose one of the offers and write a short review for Notify.Events.

Thank you for your time!

Margarita Ramsten | Feb 8, 2022 Share it: