Notify.Events in Questions and Answers

If you have just started using the Notify.Events notification service or are planning to join the ranks of users, this post is for you. Today we answer the most frequently asked questions about the service. Here they are:

  1. What is Notify.Events?
  2. How does Notify.Events work?
  3. Who is Notify.Events for?
  4. How many channels can be created within one account?
  5. What source services are available in Notify.Events?
  6. How many source services can be added?
  7. What recipient services are available in Notify.Events?
  8. How many recipients can be added to a channel?
  9. Can I invite colleagues/friends/relatives to Notify.Events?
  10. What extra features are available in Notify.Events?
  11. Can images, files and links be attached?
  12. Which Notify.Events plan to choose?
  13. What is NOT included in the Notify.Events plans?
  14. Can Notify.Events be used for free?
  15. How to earn bonus messages?
  16. Does Notify.Events comply with the regulations of the EU and other countries?

What is Notify.Events?

Notify.Events is a handy service for managing notifications from different sources. Thanks to flexible settings, the tool allows combining notifications from 40+ services and selecting from 50+ available channels for receiving them. 

To put it simply, the tool aggregates notifications from all your services and applications, and you receive them on your smartphone/tablet/PC in a convenient way. For example, as messages in chatting apps, push notifications, SMS, voice calls, etc.

How does Notify.Events work?

In short, Notify.Events “collects” new notifications from connected services and sends them to the recipients of your choice (messengers, push notification services, browsers, SMS, etc.).

At the same time, you do not need to share the account data of the added sources, because the tool connects to them either through a plugin or through a webhook.

The process of collecting messages takes place behind the scenes. This means that after a one-time setup, you will only see the final result - messages in the selected recipient services with the source service as the sender.

What is required of you: 1) Register in Notify.Events and create your own channel (thematic notification feed), 2) Add source services to the channel, 3) Add recipient services to the channel, 4) Start getting notifications!

For more information on how to set everything up, read the article “How to get your first notification?

Who is Notify.Events for?

Notify.Events offers solutions for both individual users and small/medium businesses. That’s who will benefit from the service:

Site/blog and eCommerce teams - to track user activity on the site, orders in the online store or marketplace, and stocks of goods.

Businesses (B2B) - to enable customers/employees to receive non-advertising notifications through the company's platform.

Development teams and DevOps - to manage projects and collaborate while building, testing, and debugging a release.

IT departments and system administrators - to monitor the stable operation of equipment and high-load systems and to respond quickly in case of failures.

Smart home and IoT users —  to react in a timely manner to notifications from IoT devices: a doorbell, indoor CO2 level exceeding, alarms from video surveillance systems, or other events.

How many channels can be created within one account?

You may want create a separate channel for each source, or combine multiple sources into a topic group. Still, the number of channels you can create depends on your subscription plan.

What source services are available in Notify.Events?

Now Notify.Events offers 40+ popular sources in 5 categories:

Websites and E-Commerce (WordPress + WooCommerce, Wix, OpenCart, etc.)

CI/CD and Version Control (Jenkins, GitLab, BitBucket Cloud, etc.)

Monitoring (Zabbix, Uptime Robot, Microsoft Azure, etc.)

IoT and Smart Homes (Home Assistant, Node-RED, Apple HomeKit (Homebridge), etc.)

Other (Incoming Webhook, Email, Python, etc.)

A complete list with descriptions can be found in the Source Catalog.

And if you have suggestions for new integrations, we are always happy to hear them! Just write to us via the Contact form or email

How many source services can be added?

There are no limits on adding sources to the channel! This applies to any plan.

What recipient services are available in Notify.Events?

Notify.Events provides the most popular and frequently used communication tools: instant messengers, push notification services, SMS, voice calls.

Now you can choose from 50+ available recipients, including Telegram, Viber, Slack, MS Teams, Discord, etc. But we do not sit still and constantly add to the list.

For a complete list of supported options, see the Features page.

How many recipients can be added to a channel?

The number of recipients you can add on each channel depends on your subscription plan.

Can I invite colleagues/friends/relatives to Notify.Events?

Yes! You can invite subscribers to each of your channels. To do this, you need to share a special link with them.

Each subscriber can choose a convenient way to receive it on their own. At the same time, they do not even have to register with N.E.

Note that one subscriber (excluding subscriptions through group chats) will count as one recipient on the channel. So remember to make sure that the plan you use includes the number of recipients you need.

For more information on how to invite followers, see the article “How to invite team members?”

What extra features are available in Notify.Events?

In addition to the standard functionality for receiving notifications, Notify.Events offers some more options for customizing the subscription.

For example, message filtering by priority/level/time and delayed notifications.

For some recipients, chat actions are available/ This feature allows users to respond to incoming notifications directly from the notification chat through special buttons/links attached to the message.

BTW, soon we plan to implement the Notify.Events API for advanced users - to integrate the functionality of sending notifications into personal projects.

For more information about filtering messages, see the article “Filtering Notify.Events notifications”, about delayed sending – in the article “Delayed sending”, about actions in a chat – in the article “Chat actions”.

Can images, files and links be attached?

Notify.Events supports sending images, files and links as attachments/text links. It is available for all paid plan users.

Which Notify.Events plan to choose?

Notify.Events offers 5 plans, or subscriptions, 1 of which is free.

The main differences between the plans are the number of messages, channels, recipients and advanced functionality included.

To choose the right plan, it is important to calculate the incoming message flow from all the source services that you connect. For example, if you wahnt to create 3 channels, each of which will get 400-500 messages per month, the Family or Team plan may work for you.

The number of recipients does not affect the consumption of messages, because only incoming messages are charged, i.е. the ones that come to Notify.Events. However, remember that as the number of recipients grows, the number of source services may also grow. And this already directly affects the number of spent messages.

Read more about the plans in the article “How to choose a plan?”

What is NOT included in Notify.Events plans?

Although Notify.Events rates already include the most important thing - incoming messages, there are some services that are paid extra.

This applies to outgoing messages to 3 types of recipients: SMS, voice calls, Line. For such alerts, we pay extra to telecom operators, that’s why they are not included in the plan.

Read more about billing in the article “How we bill?

Can I use Notify.Events for free?

Yes! And there are several options for this.

First, you can always use the free plan.

Secondly, you can earn bonus messages and use them when the main package of messages in your subscription ends.

Thirdly, we have a special offer for OpenSource projects (FLOSS/FOSS). If your project meets the conditions, you can use the "Team" plan for free.

Read more about bonus messages in the article “Bonus messages”.

How to earn bonus messages?

Bonus messages can be earned in two ways: by participating in the referral program and by being socially active.

In the first case, you can get bonuses for inviting new users using a personal referral code/link. As soon as the invited user pays any paid plan for the first time, a bonus of 50% of the messages of the package will be credited to both your accounts.

In the second case, you can earn from 100 to 10,000+ bonus messages for mentioning Notify.Events in replies/comments, as well as posting articles about the service on thematic sites and blogs.

Read more about bonus messages in the article “Bonus messages”.

Does Notify.Events comply with the regulations of the EU and other countries?

Sure! Notify.Events is owned by SIA Notify, an EU-registered legal entity. 

And to serve users not only in the EU but around the world, we strive to make our policies clear and in line with the GDPR and other countries' regulations. To follow this position, we regularly update our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

To learn about new integrations and important updates to Notify.Events, subscribe to our  Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. And if you still have questions or want to suggest something (for example, a new integration), just contact us at

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