Notify.Events is Now an EU Legal Entity

Since Notify.Events is currently used by numerous users in the European Union and the United Kingdom, we are required to comply with the GDPR and other domestic regulations of these countries.

We have recently announced changes to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But this was only the first step towards respecting the rights of EU and UK users.

Today we are pleased to announce that Notify.Events is now headquartered in Riga, Latvia and is owned by SIA Notify, an EU legal entity.

This means that we are open to cooperating with both individual users and businesses registered in the European Union and the UK. For the convenience of invoicing and payments, we are also implementing SEPA.

Note that VAT (Value Added Tax) laws of the EU countries and the UK outline the specific tax rates. At Notify.Events, we are obliged to charge tax on services for customers located in these countries.

Thus, starting on 1 June 2022, our EU and UK users will be required to pay the regulated VAT ranging from 18% to 25% depending on the country. The amount of VAT will be specified when choosing a country and will be automatically added to the cost of the plan and other paid services.

For the rest of the countries, the conditions remain unchanged this time.

For additional information on this subject, please see: and

Margarita Ramsten | May 24, 2022 Share it: