Notify.Events for Business

Notify.Events is more than 40 ready-made integrations with source services and more than 50 ways to receive notifications from them.

And we are not limited to ready-made solutions. We understand the uniqueness of each business and its challenges. Therefore, we boldly declare that we are ready to develop a comprehensive white-label notification solution for an individual request.

In this article:

Benefits of Notify.Events for Business

The business subscription format means that we will together discuss the tasks, needs and goals of your company, show you how notifications will help your business and select the most suitable implementation option. It’s up to you to decide:

  • Inform clients or team members;
  • Connect your own platform as a notification source or redirect message flows from other services;
  • Allow subscribers to choose the receiving channel on their own or limit them to the preset one;
  • Create a general notification flow or form group and individual alert lists;
  • Set a general limit on the number of messages or a personal limit for each subscriber.

As a result, you will get a branded notification solution tailored to your business needs; can get the cheapest and most effective way to notify subscribers about important events or service data.

At the same time, we will not only build notifications into your platform, CRM and billing system, but also set up analytics for you and generate reports on a regular basis. You will always be aware of the spendings and will be able to adjust the limits in time if necessary.

Notify.Events Use Cases for Business

  • Smart home / IoT / telecom providers

Smart home integrators can satisfy the need of users to receive information from smart devices in a timely manner and instantly respond to significant events (a doorbell rings, a leak in the bathroom, etc.).

  • E-commerce

Online store owners can notify employees of new orders, submitted contact forms, running out of stock, and more.

  • Health and beauty services

Beauty salons, barbershops, clinics will be able to remind clients of scheduled visits, report schedule changes or other important events and activities.

  • Other small and medium business

Companies from other areas that work with a large flow of customers will be able to implement the functionality of transactional notifications in their business process and solve business problems faster and easier.

How Notify.Events for Business Works

It's easy to start. You just need to send us an application with a description of the task or problem, and we'll take care of the rest.

After the successful implementation of the notification system on your website, all you have to do is inform your customers/employees about the new functionality and offer to subscribe to notifications.

That's all. As a result, the right recipients receive instant notifications in a convenient format, you get reports, and your business becomes better and achieves its goals.

Margarita Ramsten | Apr 20, 2023 Share it: