Subscription plans update

During the existence of Notify.Events, we have never changed the cost and the main package of our plans. But the world is changing, and so is our service. We are constantly adding new integrations and features, improving the interface and usability.

Now it's time to update our subscription plans. Let's talk about the changes in more detail.

New plan tiers

Firstly, we have changed the names of some plans to better reflect the essence of the package, and make it easier for you to choose. As for the Free plan, it's still here.

Secondly, now the packages differ not only in the volume of prepaid messages and the price per message in excess of this volume. Each plan also determines the number of channels available, the number of recipients for each channel, additional features (attachments, chat actions, filtering) and the type of user support.

New Notify.Events plans.png

When the maximum number of channels or recipients is reached, you will see a warning and will be able to change the plan or continue using the current one within the established limits.

The new plans have already entered into force. BUT! for our longtime users, we decided to keep the previous conditions. This way we say thank you for your loyalty and support of our service at first. If you signed up for Notify.Events before January 17, 2023, you will have access to the same package as before, until you decide to switch your plan.

You can view the name and conditions of your current plan on the Billing page in the Control Panel. If you’re using one of the archive plans, you will see the word “archived” next to its name.

Notify.Events archieved plan.png

30-day free trial

In order for new users to also experience all the advanced features, we have introduced a 30-day free trial. It includes all paid functionality and is activated automatically after registration. A good way to try the service and understand which plan suits you best.

Annual subscription model

Previously, only a monthly subscription was available. Now we give you a choice: keep paying once a month (30 days) or buy the service for the whole year (360 days) and save money. The annual subscription is more profitable: paying for it, you get 2 months for free.

Notify.Events annual subscription.png

VAT for European countries

Well, since we are talking about billing, one more little reminder. Since we work with users all over the world, we are required to collect value-added tax (VAT) from residents of some countries. In particular, from customers residing or doing business in the European Union (EU).

So, VAT for individuals from the EU is 21%, for legal entities - 0%, provided that a valid VAT ID is indicated (otherwise - 21%). You can select the payer type and fill in the VAT ID in your Control Panel: Billing > Payer information.

For all other countries, VAT is still 0%.

VAT is charged at the time of payment of plans and other paid services. The amount of VAT and the cost of the subscription, taking it into account, are automatically displayed in the pricing table for the selected country.

Notify.Events plans with VAT.png

That's all for now. Look for detailed information about billing in the Help Center, Billing section.

Check out a new batch of Notify.Events updates every month. And to get the news faster, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. If you have something to ask or suggest (maybe a new integration?), contact us at

Margarita Ramsten | Jan 25, 2023 Share it: