Notify.Events iOS App

Notify.Events for iOS is our own client app for receiving push notifications.

How does the app work?

All notifications coming from sources are processed by the Notify.Events service itself, and the app acts as a recipient, triggering push notifications on your Apple device. Therefore, in order to use the application, you must already have an active Notify.Events account and a created channel/.

Read more about how to create and set up a channel here.

App features

The functionality of the application is not limited to short push messages. By going into the application itself, you can also:

  • see a list of notifications received,
  • view the full text of each notification,
  • follow the links included in the notification,
  • download attached files and images.

There is no additional fee for using the app - you pay only for the Notify.Events subscription (if you use a paid plan).

The app supports:

  • sending text links,
  • sending files and images - up to 5 pcs. in a message, <2 MiB each,
  • actions in the chat in the form of a link.

Technical requirements

Notify.Events for iOS is available for the following Apple devices:

  • Mac (macOS 11.03 or newer and a Mac computer with an Apple M1 chip);
  • iPhone (iOS 14.5 or later)
  • iPad (iPadOS 14.5 or later)
  • iPad Touch (iOS 14.5 or later)

App interface

The Channels screen is the main screen of the app. A list of all connected channels is displayed here. You can always return to this screen by clicking the Channels button in the lower-left corner. From here you can also go to the Settings screen by clicking on the button in the lower right corner, go deeper into a specific channel card and add a new channel with the + button.

2 iOS App Channels screen.jpg

The channel screen is a list of all messages from this channel that were received on this Android device during the entire time of using the app. You can delete selected messages and mark all messages read at once using the buttons in the upper right corner. When you click on the notification line, you will be taken to the message screen.

3 iOS App Messages screen.png

The message screen contains the full text of the received notification, links, and all attached files/images. You can follow the active text link directly from here. To view files and images, click on the title - the download will automatically start on your device.

4 iOS App Message text screen.jpg

The Settings screen allows you to change the name of the connected Apple devices. These names will be displayed in the list of recipients in the service interface.

5 iOS App  settings screen.jpg

How to set up receiving push notifications through the app?

  1. Download the app from the App Store.
  2. 6 App Store.jpeg
  3. On the screen of the desired channel, click the Subscribe button in the Recipients section.
  4. 7 Subscribing.png
  5. On the Channel subscription screen that opens, click on the iOS card.
  6. 8 Choosing iOS.png
  7. Copy the token.
  8. 9 iOS Token.png
  9. In the app, click on the + in the upper right corner.
  10. 10 Adding channel.png
  11. Paste the copied token into the field and click the Subscribe button.
  12. 11 Entering token.png
  13. Now, on the app main screen, you will see the added channel, and the recipient with the name of your Apple device will appear in the list of recipients on the channel screen in the Notify.Events service interface.

All new channel notifications will now arrive as pop-up messages on your iPhone or iPad. By clicking on the pop-up, you will go to the app and see the full text of the received notification.

12 iOS notification.png

If you want to receive notifications on several of your Apple devices, you need to connect each of them separately. To do this, in each of them you need to subscribe to the desired channel by entering your personal token. The number of channels for subscription is not limited.

Through the Control panel on the Notify.Events website, you can customize the subscription (as with any other recipient): enable/disable sending notifications to the app, set the priority types and levels of notifications you want to receive, set time parameters and delayed sending. To do this, after setting up the app, go to the channel screen and click on the desired recipient or the Edit button to go to the subscription customization screen.

1 iOS App Configuration screen.png