How to invite subscribers?

Any subscription plan allows you to add a certain number of recipients per channel. In addition, not only you can subscribe to the channel yourself, but also let your colleagues, customers and family members do it.

How it works?

To subscribe to the channel you have created, other recipients do not have to register in the Notify.Events system. They just need to follow the special link that you will share with them.

Each subscriber can independently choose a convenient way of receiving notifications - Telegram, Slack, Rocket Chat, Facebook Messenger or any other available recipient.

The number of subscribers does not affect the spending of messages from the subscription plan. The service charges only incoming messages from the sources you’ve connected. This means that no matter how many subscribers are on your channel - 1 or 10 - when a new notification arrives, only 1 message will be written off from your account. And the notification will be received by all selected recipients.

How to set it up?

  1. To get a link that you can share with your team or family members, you first need to enable public subscription to the channel. You can do it immediately at the stage of creating a channel, or return to this later. All that is required is to put a check mark in front of “Allow public subscription”..
  2. 1. Allow public subscription.png

    By default, the checkbox is already checked. This means that if you have not changed this setting, you can safely move on.

  3. Go to the Subscribe to a channel screen via the Subscribe button and just copy the link from the address bar.
  4. 2. Link to subscribe.png
  5. After that, you can share the link with the right people, and they, in turn, will be able to subscribe to your channel using it.

Please note that the page must contain the following note:

3. Note.png

If this text is not there, then there is no check mark in the checkbox. In this case, take the following actions:

  1. Go to the Channels screen and click the Edit button next to the desired channel. On the Create screen that opens, check the box next to the required line and click Save.. Then return to the channel management screen and repeat the steps above/
  2. Now the note about the availability of the page by direct link should appear, and you can copy the desired link and share it.
  3. 5. Recipients.png
  4. New subscribers will only have to follow your link, select a messenger and follow all the steps indicated in the instructions for setting up. After that, you will see them among the Recipients on your channel and can configure message filtering for each of them.