Viber Custom Integration

The Viber Custom integration makes it possible to subscribe your own Viber bots as recipients to the channel. This allows you to expand the capabilities of the standard receiving channel: for example, to brand notifications and to adapt the service to business needs.

Options for setting up Viber Custom integration and connecting Viber bots:

For personal use

Processing by Notify.Events bot

This option is suitable if you do not need complex functionality, and the main goal is the instant delivery of notifications in Viber to a limited circle of subscribers (colleagues, family members).

You won't be able to assign additional functions to the bot, but you will be able to apply standard Notify.Events commands and add the bot to group chats.

In this case, Notify.Events processes all incoming messages, and your bot only delivers notifications to the chat. To start receiving notifications, subscribers need to add the bot to their contacts on their own and send a command to subscribe to the channel.

For business

Processing via the Notify.Events API

This way is more difficult to set up, but gives more flexibility. It is suitable if you want to implement notification functionality into your bot as an additional option.

It makes it possible to combine the ability to send notifications from the necessary sources with custom features of your internal corporate bot.

Users will interact with the bot directly within the framework of your custom commands and scripts. This also applies to the notifications subscription procedure.

Integration is implemented through the Notify.Events API.